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Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Price

Should you buy a bundle or separate?

Before we get too far into why this camera is so popular and how great it is for kids, teenagers and moms (maybe I'm being biased...), I want to talk about the bundle deals that are available.

There are a ton of offers where you can buy both the camera and packs of film for a package rate. However, when I reviewed and compared those deals to buying the camera and film separately, I got a better price in every case when bought separately because of a special deal I found online for the twin packs of film.
FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 Blue price
FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 Blue

At the moment, there are multiple retailers selling this camera through Amazon and they all have different prices.

Today, the cheapest price available is this one for the Mini 8 in blue.

When I took that price and subtracted it from any of the bundle deals for the blue camera and then divided the remainder of the price by the number of exposures in the film packages, the film worked out to anywhere from .79 to .12 per exposure. Compare that to the .56 per exposure for the deal on twin packs mentioned above and you could save as much as buying the camera and 5 twin packs separately. It's one of the first cases I've run into in ages where the bundle isn't really a value.

Even if that special deal on film isn't available or they run out of stock, many Walmarts in the US carry the Fujifilm Instax Mini Twin Pack Film at a cost of about .75/exposure.

Full Feature List of the Fujifilm Mini 8 Instant Camera

It's more than just a cute gadget

My kids always want whatever happens to be "cool" at the moment but I like to buy them things they'll really use and that will last. When we were considering this camera, I wanted to make sure it would take great pictures and was well constructed. The feature list helped me understand that it's not a toy - it's a great camera and not just for kids.

  • 1

    Flash goes off with every picture (no guessing or accidentally leaving it off) and it takes only a few seconds to recharge between shots

  • 2

    Five lighting settings indicated by easy to understand icons on the lens - Indoors/Night, Cloudy/Shade, Sunny/Slightly Cloudy, Sunny/Bright and Hi-Key. The Hi-Key setting washes out shadows and dark backgrounds so it looks more like a portrait setting.

  • 3

    Good sized viewfinder and visibility reduces squinting

  • 4

    It's called a mini because of the size of the images which are 2.4" x 1.8" - the total finished picture including the white space is about the size of a standard wallet size photo

  • 5

    1/60th of a second shutter speed which is comparable with digital cameras in the same price range and produces less blur from movement during the photo

  • 6

    Back of the unit has a removable cover where film is placed, a film warning window that tells you when not to open the back for risk of exposing the film, and an exposure counter to tell you how many shots are left on the film pack

  • 7

    Flashing LED light measures light and controls aperture setting so you don't have to mess with any complicated programming to get good shots

  • 8

    Cool, retro look in a compact body made of tough plastic and available in great colors that appeal to both boys and girls: black, pastel blue, yellow, pastel pink, and white

  • 9

    Includes the camera, strap that can attach as a wrist strap or a neck strap, 2 AA batteries, and the close up lens

  • 10

    Requires 2 AA batteries - energy saver feature puts the camera into sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity

  • 11

    Dimensions: 4.7" x 4.7" x 2.7" - weighs 10 ounces fully loaded

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Review

How it works and why I like it

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I had my teenaged son take a look at this camera with me. He's taking photography classes and has three cameras already - a DSLR, a 35mm film SLR, and a digital point and shoot. I first had to describe for him how an instant camera works and he said, "Oh! Hey! This is like an ancient Polaroid camera Dad and I saw at the camera store the last time we went." (Yes, my child, that's what I had as a kid...)

This truly is a very easy camera to operate. The batteries go in a side compartment that slides off. You pop the film into the back and press the button to take a picture to advance the film. There's a power button to the side of the lens that, when pushed, causes the lens to pop out and the shutter to open. Then you just turn the dial to the right light setting icon, look through the viewfinder and push the button on the front to take your picture.

Each roll of film takes 10 pictures and a small window on the back keeps track of how many are left so you don't open the camera and expose the film until it's all used up.

The exterior is very sturdy although I assume if you drop it, the plastic might scratch. It fits nicely in your hand and you don't need to use both hands to take a picture which I remember having to do with the old Polaroids.

The pictures come out nice and clear and with great color and, of course, one of the benefits of instant photos is that little space at the bottom where you can label the photo or write a little message.

As cute as it is, though, my first thought was about whether or not it would really get used. Everything today is digital. I can't remember the last time I printed out a picture - I just seem to store them on my laptop or external hard drives or share them on Facebook.

But then I got to thinking, the reason I don't print out the pictures I take with my digital camera is because it's really a pain. When I need a picture printed out, I have to go through the whole process of hooking my camera up to my laptop to download them, then I have to carry the laptop over to the printer, switch out the paper, and pray I have enough colored ink left to get a few out with all the colors intact.

Kids LOVE to put pics up on their dresser mirrors, in their lockers, taped into their school folders, and in photo albums. An instant camera makes all of those things so much easier.

I could use it for scrapbooking, too. Can't count the number of times I've needed just one more photo to finish a page but I don't have it and then the whole digital thing seems too time consuming to pursue. Or, there are those school projects my kids are always getting when they need photos in order to make a poster.

My parents like to get photos they can put on their fridge (they have 13 grandchildren so it's a well-covered fridge) and I'm horrible about sending anything other than the classic school photo. To be able to print out a new shot on the Fujifilm Mini 8 whenever I want and put them in an envelope is just so much easier.

It's a great camera that I think solves some of the cost and issues we have in dealing with such a heavily digital world.

Fuji Gives a Video Overview of the Mini 8

Nice to hear from the designers themselves

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 - First Look
by Techreviews058 | video info

29 ratings | 3,298 views

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 - http://goo.gl/2sDEF Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 - If you can't get enough of Instagram and retro-style photography, Fujifilm clearly wants to lure you with the new Instax Mini 8 camera with rainbow-colored instant film. The new film has 10 exposures with rainbow frames and sized at 2-by-3 inches, with a blank strip at the bottom for writing messages. And because rainbow-colored instant film isn't cheesy enough, the Instax Mini 8 will come in new pink, blue, and yellow colors on top of the previously available black and white options on older Instax Mini models. We're sure this camera and film would be a hit at a wedding. It will be available in "early 2013." Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 review

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Instax Mini 8 vs Mini 7s vs Polaroid 300

Compare to two comparable instant cameras

Hey, Polaroid still makes instant cameras, too! In fact, they have one that very closely resembles the Mini 8. Then there's the very popular Fujifilm Mini 7s which preceded the Mini 8. How do they stack up?

Most of the features are exactly the same (including the image size) except for the following:

Model NumberInstax Mini 8Instax Mini 7sPolaroid 300

ColorsPastels & BlackWhite, Brown, White with Pink, White with BlueBlack, Blue, Purple, Red

Batteries2 AA4 AA4 AA

Dimensions4.7" x 4.7" x 2.7" & less than 1 pound4.7" x 4.8" x 2.8" & less than 1 pound4.8" x 5" x 2.5" & 1.1 pounds


Film Cost.56 per picture.56 per picture+ per picture

Prices are about -10 different depending on your color choice but the Mini 8 uses fewer batteries. The film cost between the Mini 8 and the Polaroid is significant making the Mini 8 far cheaper to operate over time. It also weighs less and has a slightly smaller overall size.

Best Deal on Each Color

Blue, Yellow, White, Pink and Black

You can't find these at most stores so you almost have to buy them online. There are so many listings for these cameras on Amazon and eBay that finding the best price takes a bit of work. If you're not careful you could pay as much as 0 more than you should.

I've gone through all the listings to find the best deal for each color. They're organized below in order by price. Just click on the image to go straight to the right listing online.

Blue Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera price
Blue Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera

The blue is a very soft, pastel blue. Young boys might find it's pretty cool and girls will love it - especially if it's their favorite color.

Pink Instax Mini 8 price
Pink Instax Mini 8

The pink is so popular that you'll find a lot of listings for it and while it usually costs more than the other colors, you can still find it for only a few bucks more than the blue. This listing has the lowest price I could find.

Instax Mini 8 White price
Instax Mini 8 White

This is my favorite. I like nice, crisp white anything. Besides, my husband would feel strange with any of the pastels and since I have all boys it makes sense not to get too girly unless I'm going to be the only one to use it (which I won't).

Yellow Instax Mini 8 price
Yellow Instax Mini 8

Not sure why but yellow is one of the most expensive. I think it's very pretty and looks like butter. Not all girls like pink so it's nice to have a choice that's different and chances are their friends aren't going to have the same one.

Black Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera price
Black Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera

Most of the colors seem geared towards girls but there's a nice, flat black that my son went for right away. It matches his other cameras, is his favorite color (he's at that age) and it looks much more manly than the other colors.

Cool Instax Mini 8 Accessories

How to get more out of your camera

There are some fun accessories you can get to go with the Instax Mini 8. Girls always seem to have some spare bag or other in which to tuck a camera but if you want to get a case there is a basic one but it's black and doesn't hold much more than the camera. If you're taking it with you on vacation you'll want one of the larger ones so you can carry more film with you.

There's also a film type that has rainbow colored borders and some unique folders and albums in which you can store your snapshots.

Fuji Instax Mini Hello Kitty Film
Fuji Instax Mini Hello Kitty Film


Case for Instax Mini 8
Case for Instax Mini 8


Fuji Instax Photo Album
Fuji Instax Photo Album


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