Humana Medicare Drug Coverage Mail Order

Orange, CA, November 28, 2011 After watching the news, we can all start to feel a bit helpless in the face of a crisis. Whether it is a man-made disaster, or one caused by nature, an unexpected event can cause unforeseeable medical and financial catastrophes. Medicare beneficiaries may be more vulnerable to the after-effects of a disaster, due to weakened immune systems, challenges to mobility, and limited incomes.

With this in mind, Medicare beneficiaries should be prepared for an emergency in order to deal with a potentially difficult situation smoothly. With organization, communication, and preparation, seniors and disabled individuals can create plans to get them through the crisis, and will help them pick up the pieces after it has passed.

Joppels commitment to the well-being of Medicare beneficiaries is evident in their latest emergency preparedness information, providing guidelines and suggestions to help make this process as stress-free as possible.

Joppel, a decision support tool, website and call center for Medicare beneficiaries, seniors and caregivers is the Medicare division of HealthCompare Insurance Services Inc. Joppel provides a wealth of information, offers expert guidance from licensed agents, and utilizes a consumer-friendly on-line tool for those eligible for Medicare. If you or a loved one is about to become eligible for Medicare, you should visit the Joppel site today.

Joppel is currently available online, and can be found at

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humana medicare drug coverage mail order