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Let's ... Play ... Jeopardy!

Possibly one of the most celebrated game shows ever made, Jeopardy! has been running for over 4 decades and has spread throughout the world from its home country of America. In a departure from the classic 'question/answer' quiz, the unique concept of the Jeopardy show sees contestants being given answers and having to provide the questions.

Many distinct features from the original TV show are visible in the online slots edition of Jeopardy. Across five reels, all of the classic categories are represented by the symbols: movies, sports, science, animals and music. With a max bet of five credits on each of the nine paylines, there's the opportunity for some fantastic cash prizes playing Jeopardy! online slots.

The Jeopardy! Bonus

The Jeopardy! bonus is another great way of increasing your winnings. Trigger the Jeopardy! bonus game by collecting three bonus icons on a payline. The special bonus board perfectly recalls the Jeopardy! board from the original game show, featuring 30 screens. Keeping one eye peeled for the prize-doubling Daily Double symbol, just keep picking screens one at a time and win the sum revealed! Carry on clicking screens until you reveal a Final Jeopardy! symbol.

Take your winnings or stake it all for bigger prizes? It's your choice on Final Jeopardy! In this bonus you are faced with one clue and three game show contestants. You are asked to guess who you think will answer the clue correctly - guess right and the Final Jeopardy! award supplements your existing bonus winnings.

Jeopardy! has been crowned this week's Kerching Game of the Week, due to its nostalgic game show inspiration and awesome bonus round, not to mention the rewards.

drug detection jeopardy labs online