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Steam cleaning supplies can generally be found at most department stores, drug stores and local do it yourself home stores as well. These supplies can range from replacement parts to detergents and additives to be placed in the water. Anytime a business or person owns a steam cleaner of any type, replacements for all parts and cleansers has to be considered.

The average home used carpet cleaner uses about a half a cup of detergent per each use of the steam cleaner. If the carpet cleaner needs to be used a total of 15 times to clean the entire carpeted area of a home, a total of seven and a half cups of detergent have been used. There is normally only about 6 cups of detergent available to the public in the largest bottles. Depending on the brand of carpet cleaner owned, specific detergents must be used and can be expensive to replace. If a main hose or seal is broken or damaged, this must be replaced. If ordered from a manufacturer, the cost of these parts must be taken into consideration as well. Even though the price seems to mount quickly for owning one of these great steam cleaners, it is still less expensive to own this machine and do the work personally than it is to hire a company twice a year to complete the work for you.

Many steam cleaning supplies can be ordered online in bulk, at a discounted price. There is normally no limit to the shelf life of replacement parts, detergents or any other supplies used for a carpet steam cleaner. Therefore if a consumer is able to buy in bulk and save the steam cleaning supplies, they are further helping to save themselves money in the long run. Companies that use steam cleaners keep a regular supply of steam cleaning supplies including additional hoses and water compartments, cords, detergents, deodorizers and emulsifiers.

Detergents have different strengths and ingredients, and this is important for the type of cleaning you will be completing. Detergents and soaps are different as well. Detergents are made to rely on a phosphate to work, also has a very high alkalinity, and is not safe for nylon carpets in most cases. Soaps are made in a process where animal or vegetable fat is combined with a strong alkaline. This can leave a sticky residue, and also is known to form salts when it comes into contact with hard water. This is what causes the soap scum or ring around your tub, the salts that are created when soap is used in hard water. Detergents have been reformulated over the years to help correct the alkalinity and its reliance on phosphates, and are still water soluble. However, the love oily dirt and wetting agents are placed in the detergent to create an emulsion so that the dirt or oil is suspended in the water when it is used to clean the carpets. So the next time you use your steam cleaning supplies, which will you use: soap or detergent?

5 panel drug drug test mop