Drug Detection Zinc And Copper In Hair Intelligent

PD-C design Laser Anion Intelligent Water Treatment Equipment is solely utilized in water therapy system of central air conditioner, industrial water cooling, industrial circulating water, and heat-exchange devices.Phenomenon of erosion, scale formation, sludge deposition, microbe growth and numerous much more that occurred in various industrial h2o system tasks are brought on by the deteriorating h2o quality throughout water circulating.National Stand GB50050-1995 Code for Style of Industrial Recirculating Cooling H2o Treatment Demands:
Corrosion speed of the system really should be less than 0.125mm/a;
Density of suspended substance or turbidity will need to be less than 10-20mg/L;
Total iron content material should really be much less than 0.5mg/L;
If adopted Laser Anion Intelligent Water Treatment Equipment, the water quality can totally meet the over 3 requirements.
Only with qualified cooling h2o and heat trade water, can equipments efficiency well.This electronic water treatment consists of main and auxiliary: main is utilized to create laser signal and control signal whilst auxiliary is used to eliminate iron and suspended substance by its natural ore filter layer. The cathode within the gadget may safeguard electrode and water program. The device fundamentally resists corrosion and achieves significant enhancement of h2o quality. Via chemical evaluation, indicator of suspended substance and iron ion are found marked reduce.
Operation and Maintenance
All equipment passed electrical parameters detection and get operational parameters debugging before putting into the market. Following installation, customers can electrify and operate the device.
Recommend time interval for air pollution discharge and back again washing is 7 days.Device Effect
De-ironing impact: measure the iron content with the output water anytime during the operation and you will discover the index decrease 20-90%.
Suspended Substance Elimination: test and compare the high quality of input and output h2o. Index for output water reduce 30-98%.
Anti-corrosion: can adopt carbon metal discount coupons test for 1~3 months. There'll be no macroscopic corrosion pit if outfitted with this gadget.
Turbidity elimination: turbidity is reduced.

drug detection zinc and copper in hair intelligent