Test Your Marijuana Smarts

As with all great skills, anyone who's willing to can learn a great deal about Texas Holdem poker playing by reading the best poker books. Top poker books like these can feed your head with the hands, the show and "tells", the formulas, the techniques the knowledge of which have made big-money champions out of guys like Ferguson, Doyle, and Harrington.

Knowing of the best poker books can really make a difference in your Texas Holdem career, whether for you that means a passionate pastime or an attempt at being a professional. The importance of what is contained within top poker books cannot be over-emphasized. However, it's also very important for you to read more than one of these books. In fact, read as many of them as you possibly can. The reason is that you can only be true to one person in this world, and that's yourself. Whenever we are true or faithful to anyone else, it all begins with our being true to ourselves. What this means for you is that you cannot try to be some other Texas Holdem star, no matter how great they are, no matter how great their book is. Chris Ferguson can only be Chris Ferguson; and while it might be true, as some contend, that he can be called the "best ever", if he tried to be another legend like Doyle Brunson he would fall on his face in failure. He's only at the top because he's himself and not trying to be anyone else.

By reading many different top poker books, you learn the different ideas and techniques of different champions, and you then can gravitate to and pick up those that are the best for you, so that you create your unique, one of a kind approach to the game of poker that fits in with who you are. It's as with any topic, really: you want to go deep into researching the topic so that you have intimate knowledge of it; you don't want to just imitate someone else. Trying to be true to anyone or anything else is not only impossible, it's no fun at all.

So, you may want to be the kind of player who uses the tricky Squeeze Play, using two of your opponents against each other. You may want to be over-the-top aggressive and try to bluff or scare people to your advantage. You may want to treat every hand like an actuarial statistics problem. You may want to become famous for your wraparound sunglasses, or for your mask of steel face that knows all but gives nothing away.

You have no doubt heard people disparage those with "book smarts" for having no "street smarts". This is a false dichotomy, if you want to know the truth; and it's an idea that comes out of jealousy. But, there is some truth to it. We can all probably think of academic people who have a degree and a big vocabulary who would...well, who would never be able to figure out how to win at Texas Holdem! Your Texas Holdem book smarts need to be made into "street smarts", or this case table smarts. Absorb the great masters, but don't merely imitate them.

test your marijuana smarts