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As with anything, what we think - and "should think" - of fashion is always subject to someone else's personal tastes. A guide to the worst ever fashions trends is, surprisingly (and worryingly), all too easy.

Socks and Sandals: Comfortable? Yes. Functional? Leisurely, maybe. Fashionable? Never. For decades, it seems, many a man has been blighted by the nasty case of ignorance that says it's fashionable to wear socks and sandals in any situation, which includes round the house where nobody can see.

High Shoulder Pads: From the 1980's "power" suit, to Milli Vanilli's non-singing on top of the pops, the high shoulder pad enjoyed its brief success as a popular fashion trend in the briefer period of the 1980's where there was anything you would today consider "fashionable". This look has, thankfully, been condemned to the "no" lists of all modern self-respecting fashion bibles (even the "edgier" ones that try and bring back the horrors of the 1980's. Thrown in a large, frizzy perm, with matching fringe, and your look is complete. We're kidding - please don't.

Animal Print: This trend isn't fashionable and, you may even find it hard to guess when it might have ever been fashionable. That said, one of the worst considered fashion trends involved realistic looking peacocks, lions and zebras on everything - that means t-shirts, dresses, scarves and even suits.

Corsets: Even though the Basque is considered a more adapted and even acceptable version of, this garment, the corset was originally designed to make women appear "aesthetically pleasing" in the 18th century, when it was also cool to have a pale white face and a "hoop skirt" or bustle. Waist constriction meant that the wearer would often faint due to lack of oxygen. The upward pressure put pressure on the lungs by the squashed internal organs.

home using someone else's urine drug test male or female