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Pell Grants in North Carolina are accepted in over 150 community colleges, schools, and universities in the state. The said program provides financial aid to its recipients by subsidizing their expenses in their post-secondary studies. The U.S. Department of Education allots budget for these federal Pell grants, which could be availed in the following procedures.

The Pell Grant awards students with funding for their education, without requiring them to pay it in return. The students would be able to enjoy quality education with the help from this grant, as their tuition fee and other expenses are provided for the said scholarship grant.

Qualifying for the Pell Grant needs you to accomplish the FAFSA, which evaluates your eligibility for any state or federal grant, as well as other scholarships provided by non-government institutions. You can do this online through the official website, or you can visit any financial aid office near you. Your school might even have its designated office for such applications.

The important aspects that are considered in the evaluation of your qualification for a Pell Grant are as follows:

you must be a citizen of the United States, with your supporting documents available for verification

you must have a financial need that falls under the specifications by the U.S. Department of Education, which is evaluated through your annual gross income

you must have a high school diploma that certifies your completion of secondary schooling, or any equivalent certification (such as a GED)

you must have a valid Social Security number and you can certify that the funds that would be awarded to you would solely be used for your purposes of attaining a higher level of education

you must commit yourself to completing the program that you are or would be enrolled in

you must complete and certify that all the details and information that you have provided in your FAFSA are true and correct

Among all these, qualifying for the Pell Grants is highly likely if your need for financial aid is very high. Those with relatively lower incomes or those who are part of the marginalized sector would be most eligible for the said grant. This is in line with the government's aim to provide for the needs of its constituents, especially those who are in much need of financial assistance.
Examples of schools, community colleges, or universities that participate in the Pell Grant are the following:

North Carolina School of the Arts
North Carolina Wesleyan College
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Robeson Community College
Duke University
Elizabeth City State University
Gaston College
Hairstylist Academy
Pfeiffer University
Cape Fear Community College
Shaw University
Isothermal Community College
North Carolina Academy of Cosmetic Art

Applying for Pell Grants in North Carolina would be easier if you take note of the requirements mentioned above. You can check the list of universities and schools in North Carolina that participate in the Pell Grant program to see which one would suit you the most.

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