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The pharmaceutical industry is going to experience major patent expiries during 2010-2014, of which 2010 to 2012 are expected to be peak years, with the loss of patents for drugs whose sales were more than billion during 2009.

In 2010, major drugs like Lipitor, Cozaar, Advair, Arimidex, Flomax and Gemzar, with combined sales revenues of more than billion, are expected to face generic competition. In 2011, nine drugs of six companies are going to experience a major impact of patent expirations. The drugs include Femara, Xalaton, Seroquel, Zyprexa, Almita, Aprovel, Plavix, Singulair and Zoladex, which together account for more than billion sales revenue all over the world.

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In contrast to 2011, 2012 is going to have less patent expirations, but the impact on sales is going to be greater than that of 2011; more than billion for three drug expiries. Novartis blockbuster drug Diovan, with sales revenue above billion; Bristol-Myers Squibbs Avapro, with sales revenue above billion; and Sanofi-Aventis Lovenox, with sales revenue of billion, are expected to expire in 2012. Eli Lillys Cymbalta is the only major drug to face generic competition in 2013, with sales revenue of billion all over the world. In 2014, Roches blockbuster drug Rituxan is going off-patent, creating impact on billion of sales revenues. The full impact of patients shifting to lower-cost generic alternatives for all these products, as well as other brands in their therapy classes, will mostly be felt in 2012 and 2013, due to the timing and expected competitive intensity among generic entrants.

Many drug makers are dismayed about the approaching years, as billions of dollars are lost when the patents surrounding big drugs, such as Lipitor, are set to expire. The big firms that will most likely be affected during 2010 to 2014 are Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Eli Lilly, AstraZeneca, Roche and Sanofi-Aventis.

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statin drugs vision