Drug Use And Abuse Sixth Edition

As Kia Motors vehicles continue to gain popularity in the US, the company is trying its best to provide vehicles that would further delight its American customers. Due to this, Kia plans to release more vehicle models that new car finders in the US could include on the list of automobiles that they could purchase on cash basis or through auto financing deals that are available. A good example of this is Kias effort to launch the special edition of the Kia Soul which is the Hamstar. Kia was actually inspired by the success that the Soul which was first offered on sale in 2010 has obtained.

The limited edition Kia Soul Hamstar will be the sixth special edition of the Soul that would be offered on sale in North America. This particular model is still based on the Souls trim level. This model however has a lot of features that are not found in its predecessor. Compared to the previous version of the Soul, the Hamstar has a customized customised artwork in its exterior. This includes the graphics of the black star, the Hamstar logo in its hood and tailgate, and the stripes of black in both sides of the boxy crossover.

Aside from these, the limited edition Hamstar has colored bumpers that make the vehicle more flashy and attractive. Kia engineers have also installed fog lights and rear spoiler on the vehicle making it very much different from the conventional Soul model. In addition to this, the Hamstar gets the 18-inches black alloy wheels with edges of silver, black fender vents equipped with indicators for turn signals.

This vehicle is powered by 2.0liter engine capable of producing a maximum power output of about 142 horsepower. This engine is mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission. The combination is expected to bring the Hamstars performance on the road similar to the Soul.

With the launching of the limited edition Kia Soul Hamstar, Kia expects that more car finders would be delighted with the outcome of their desire to provide a sportier version of the Soul which most individuals who want to own a Crossover would wish to have.

drug use and abuse sixth edition