How To Pass A Drug Test With Certo And Gatorade

I remember drinking Gatorade when I was a kid. It was the cool thing to do. It was a typical beautiful morning in Orange County, CA. It's about 8:00am. Me and a few of my buddies met up with our skateboards. It was a day planned to do what we loved, skateboarding all day long all over town. After riding all over the city and a few abandoned irrigation ditches, which were great for skateboarding at the time, we all were getting thirsty. It was time to cross the railroad tracks and head to the liquor store.

We all looked into our wallets to see how much change we had lying around. Between all 4 of us we had about 10 dollars. It was just over 90 degrees that July day, so we all had one goal in mind. To get to that liquor store and purchase one large Gatorade Drink each.
Back then we could choose between their original Lemon Lime Flavor and orange. I always liked the Lemon Lime. And on a day like that boy did that drink hit the spot! I think I drank the entire thing in less than 3 minutes, but it was the best feeling in the world.

Almost like I planned out my entire day for the moment. Anyway fast forwarding about 26 years later, the other day I went into Walmart. I realized now that they had at least 20 different flavors of the Gatorade Drink available on their shelves. This got me curious since as a kid I only had 2 options. In fact it was a big deal when they released the punch flavor right before I graduated from High School. I went back and did a bit of research online and realized now that the company now has 67,000 flavors available! Talk about being shocked.

One Gatorade Drink is named after Tiger Woods now called Gatorade Tiger. They happened to add an extra amino acid to it to make the drink a little healthier. The company has also released a myriad of other flavors which include Mountain Frost, Quiet Storm, Shine On, Riptide Rush, Fierce Melon, Frost Glacier Freeze, Fierce Berry, Passion Fruit, Xtremo Mango, Xtremo Tropico and No Excuses. There are many others of course I'm just covering a few. They even have a clear color drink.

Now I'm not saying anything bad about Gatorade Drinks but they do all have one thing in common and that is that they are all manufactured with corn syrup. When I was a rubbery teenager that weighed 110 pounds soaking wet I wasn't worried about my health. But as I got older, gained a lot of weight I eventually developed Type II diabetis. So at this point I knew I had no choice but to choose drinks that had no sugar, or my blood sugar would register over 200.

Some companies offer a few Diet Energy Drinks with no sugar but they are pasteurized as well. I needed to find a drink that was nutrient rich and had no sugar, and one which I could be assured that none of the nutrients would escape before I drank it. So about one month ago I accidentely found out about Yoli Blast Caps and Yoli Energy Drinks.

The first product this company is coming out with is called Yoli Truth, and they are already shipping out sample Blast Caps to people who are interested. I ordered some and they are on the way to my house as we speak. The reason I choose to become a Yoli Customer is because I can still enjoy that ice cold fresh, nutrient rich flavored drink without having to worry about my blood sugar being raised 100 points.

I really think in life there is not much more in the world that feels better than an ice cold energy drink filled with vitamins and vital nutrients. And especially as we get older, we have to become somewhat cautious as to what we allow in our bodies. Each of us has control over this. If you think about what you spend on sugary drinks anyway and compare it with the price of Yoli and factor in your health, I'm sure it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what really is the best deal in the long run.

how to pass a drug test with certo and gatorade