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Frequently Asked Questions

    False Positive Pregnancy Tests?
    I took 3 at home pregnancy tests, two different brands....all were positive. I went to the doc, same day and they did a urine test...negative! They have not done a blood test or ultrasound yet? Can this be possible. I am freaked out that something is totally wrong.

    • ANSWER:
      Sometimes, though rarely, prescription drugs you may be taking can cause false positives in home pregnancy tests, and the urine test at the docs are designed to ignore the chemicals that can cause those. You should really wait at least 24 hours to take the second home pregnancy test-- otherwise you are almost assured to get the same result the second, or third, time around.
      Wait untill the blood test or sonogram to think one way or the other. And, of course, act pregnant untill then-- stay away from alcohol and medicines that can be dangerous during prenancy. Good Luck!!

    can an ultrasound be wrong?
    i had an ultrasound today after getting multiple preg tests in Jan come bac positive but they said there was no baby took more pregnancy tests today n they say preg still i have all the symptoms n out of the blue could swear i feel the baby kick if im right im 17 ish weeks it cant b a phantom preg coz it was defiantly not planed was so shock with test results please let me know if u have any idea y this could;d b

    • ANSWER:
      There are a few reasons you could get a false positive, but it is pretty rare:

      Chemical Pregnancy
      A chemical pregnancy is basically an early miscarriage. Research has shown that half of all first pregnancies end in miscarriage. Due to the high sensitivity of home pregnancy tests, many women catch early pregnancies but end up going on to have their periods due to a chemical pregnancy.

      Missed Reaction Time
      For accuracy in home pregnancy tests it is essential that you read the test results in the stipulated reaction time. If you let the test sit for too long (after the instructions on the box tell you), the test is invalid. This may cause it to show false positive results.

      Chemical Interference
      Drugs that have the pregnancy hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in them can cause incorrect results in home pregnancy tests. The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in them may be responsible for the false positive pregnancy test. If you have had an HCG shot due to infertilty treatments, you need to be sure the shot is out of your system before you attempt to use early pregnancy tests.

      Evaporation Lines
      While technically not a true pregnancy, some pregnancy tests leave a faint evaporation line as the urine crosses the test. This faint very light grey evaporation line in the test area is often interpretted as a positive result.

      AimStrip pregnancy test strips have a very good reputation of NOT leaving evaporation lines and are much less expensive than brands you can buy in your local supermarket or drug store.

      If you are not sure about your home pregnancy results it is recommended that you try again after a couple of days. If doubts regarding the results still persist, you must see a doctor for a pregnancy blood test. A blood test administered by your doctor is more sensitive than the early home tests and can be taken between seven and twelve days after you conceive.

      I recommend you go to another doctor and get a second ultrasound. You may have had an inexperienced technician that couldn't read the ultrasound, or you may not be as far along as you think. It may be one of the things stated above. Please consult your doctor again and good luck. I hope everything goes well.

    If I have a urinalysis test?
    they are looking at what could be wrong with my groin. So i have a pee test, and an ultrasound. When i go into the pee test it won't be looking for if i did drugs but will it show it on the results as if i did do it or didn't? because i don't want my mother to find out i tried smoking herb.

    • ANSWER:
      They'll usually test for just sugar levels and proteins in your urine. Unless you request a drug screening.

    high blood test results, any ideas?
    well my gp doesn't have a clue and is ordering more tests but im worrying of course & would like other peoples thoughts on these

    my Creatine Kinase was about 700 when it should be Male: 38 - 174 units/L
    my blood iron was 12, usual 60 - 160 g/dL (ive been given iron tablet to take twice a day at 200mg)
    my Phosphatase was 300, usual 50 - 160 units/L

    i had an upper abdomen ultrasound which the radiologist said there was nothing visibly wrong that she could see but shes not a doctor.

    so any ideas on what it could be and thank you for your time

    • ANSWER:
      Phosphorus Too High (Hyperphosphatemia): Rule out kidney disease, high protein diets, too much Vitamin D, hypoparathyroidism (parathyroid gland controls calcium and phosphorus in the blood), diabetic acidosis, acromegaly, Addison's disease, calcium nephropathy, lymphosarcoma (if BUN is also elevated), and not allowing the blood tube to clot before separating the serum from the sample before mailing.

      Creatinine Too High: Rule out dehydration, too much exercise, hemorrhagic shock (shock due to too much blood being lost), pancreatitis, intestinal foreign body, too much protein in the diet, bleeding within the intestine, drugs like amphotericin B, hyperthyroidism, adrenal cortical insufficiency (adrenal glands not producing enough of the hormones it is suppose to be producing), any condition which decreases blood flow to the kidneys such as, glomerulonephritis (the little tubules that make the urine in the kidneys are swollen and not working right), amyloidosis (the kidney tissue is being replaced with some kind of unnatural protein), pyelonephritis (inflammation/infection of the kidney where the urine pools before it dumps out into the ureters), nephrosis (a condition of the kidneys), calcium nephropathy--also called lymphosarcoma (cancer of the kidneys where the tissues are being replaced by calcium so the urine can't get out and so it builds up in the body instead), kidney cancers, obstruction of the urine coming out of the kidney, ruptures of the urine carrying parts (kidney, ureters, bladder, urethra, kidney tubules.)

      Iron deficiency: severe iron deficiency, hyperphosphatemia (high phosphate) and hypocalcemia (high calcium) are signs of either chronic kidney disease or acute renal failure. Iron deficiency is also seen in patients with thryoid imbalances, diet lacking in iron, bleeding in the digestive system or inability to absorb iron.

      Just a few tests i can think of if your doctor hasn't already checked them out:

      GFR - glomerular filtration rate. This is the best test to measure your level of kidney function and determine the stage of kidney disease.

      TSH, free T3 and free T4 to check for thyroid imbalances.

      PTH, ionized calcium and vitamin D test for hypoparathyroidism

      Stool test - Occult blood test - bleeding in the digestive tract.

      Cortisol and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) - adrenal problems

      Could just be too much protein in the diet and lack of iron in the diet as the best case scenario. :)

    negative blood and urine test, but 5 months late on period?
    im 19 yrs old. i haven't had a period for 5 months. my boyfriend and i dont use condoms and he also doesnt pull out. i have taken home pregnancy test and they were negative and i have also gone to the dr.s multiple times for urine and blood test. they say im not pregnant. but ive gained about 20 pounds, my breast have gotten very large, i have to go pee much more often, at times i kinda feel flutters in my belly is how id explain it. people say i look pregnant. oh at night is when i seem to notice this but my belly becomes some what firm or hard. i just want to know what the heck is wrong with me i have an ultrasound scheduled for the 23rd of march but i dont want to wait since i have already been waiting. some one helpppp!

    • ANSWER:
      Some womens HCG levels don't change so even with a doctors pregnancy test, both urine and blood, it will come out negative because the hormones aren't there. The only thing you can really do at this point is wait. I know it is hard but you have waited this long already what is another 20 days? Just don't drink, smoke or do any drugs until you find out for sure. Good luck.

    Gender Test Accurate?
    So, i am debating on buying one of those silly 40 dollar gender tests from Walgreen's. I read that it is like 96% accurate or close to that, but i was wondering if anyone has took this and it been wrong? Also, if it was right please share your story also. (:

    • ANSWER:
      No gender test you buy in a drug store is going to give you accurate results! The gender if your baby is not in your urine, or any other bodily fluid except for the amniotic fluid. The only reliable way to find out the sex of your baby is by ultrasound or through amniocentesis. I wasted 30 bucks on the Intelligender test and I was so sorry I wasted the money!

    Blood In Urine, what could it mean??
    About two years ago I had small amounts of blood in my urine (it wasn't visible, but it showed up on a urine sample). I recently went to my obgyn to report that I had only two menstrual cycles this year, and I had excessive weight gain (even though I was eating healthy and exercising). After I did the urine test they told me that lots of blood was in it. Two years ago I had a pelvic ultrasound, a cystoscopy (a test that allows your doctor to look at the inside of the bladder and the urethra), and blood tests, but nothing was wrong. So now I have to get a cystoscopy again because the dr did not do a full view last time, and I also have to get a pelvic ultrasound again. I also had more blood work done. Does anyone know what could be wrong???? I am worried that something is wrong my kidneys. Some people have told me that I might be retaining fluid, which could be the cause of the weight gain. But I am also worried that something is terribly wrong because I went from having severe menstrual cycles every month, to only 2 this year.

    • ANSWER:
      if it is minimal bleeding in urine it can be anything:
      time for menses- since u have such irregular menses- do u take any drugs that can prevent it to occur normally. people who are overweight may not have the period too. it can be infection of you urinary tract. it might be kidney (kidney stone? you refer to this right? if it is so you may have pain in the lower back area, pain during voiding.
      for testing purpose, presence of bld from menses may give false positive.
      but then again, i am still a student and a novice. and i think it is best to ask a really good doctor like obgyn near to your area. best of luck.

    Can anything affect a blood pregnancy test?
    Ok so, I am 25 and my last period was April 10th, it is now July 1st and still no period. I have taken infinite amounts of hpt thru the whole time and all are negative. The 1st week I was late I went to the doc and took a urine and blood test, both were negative. I just went to the doc again last Friday and took both tests again and both were negative, they also took some sort of hormone test that showed that I was not ovulating. Now, we were not trying to get pregnant but have been using the pull out method for almost 3 years. Thru this whole time, not only do I have every symptom of pregnancy in the book, but I have also had about 10lbs weight gain in my stomach and I look pregnant, I also have symptoms that I didn t even originally know were symptoms such as my nails have been growing freakishly fast, my skin is sensitive and my since of smell and taste are all wacked out. I asked my doc if I could have an ultrasound but he is unwilling unless I have a positive test. I really need to know what s going on with my body and I don t know what else to do. Is there anything that could be affecting the blood tests? The doc said that they are always right but I don t believe that to be true. I am not on any medications but I was once told that I had melatonin deficiency which I think is a hormone imbalance any and all responses are truly appreciated. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      I hope this helps...

      Blood Test Results:

      Blood tests performed at a doctor s office tend to have a 98 to 99 percent accuracy rate. These tests can be conducted seven days after you ovulate (which is about a week before your period is due) and still provide accurate results.

      As with urine pregnancy tests, it is possible to end up with false results (both negative and positive) from a blood pregnancy test.

      * False negative results (test is negative, but you are actually pregnant) usually occur if the test was performed too early. This is because there may not be enough hCG in the blood to detect a pregnancy.

      * False positive results (test is positive, but you are not pregnant) may appear if you are taking a medication that contains hCG.

      Medications That Can Affect Blood Pregnancy Test Results:

      Medications that can decrease hCG measurements include:

      * Promethazine (used as an antihistamine in combination cough and cold products to treat allergy symptoms and to treat nausea or vomiting from illness or motion sickness)

      * Diuretics

      Medications that can increase hCG measurements include:

      * Promethazine (can increase or decrease hCG levels)
      * Hypnotics (like Ambien)
      * Medications to prevent seizures
      * Drugs to treat Parkinson's disease
      * Prescription medicates that contain hCG, (Pregnyl, A.P.L., Profasi, Chorex, Novarel, or Ovidrel)
      * Phenothiazine drugs, such as Chlorpromazine (Thorazine)

      Hope that helped!! What kind of hormonal imbalance do you have? Is it a hCG imbalance?? I would maybe go to another doctor!!! To be honest, your doctor doesn't seem to give a crap!

      Now i'm going to say something that may freak you out a bit, and I really don't intend on doing that, so forgive me but.....

      If you're not pregnant, there's a chance you could have ovarian cysts (dermoid ones.) My mum had them for years and didn't know, then one day after she'd had a missed period and then a very light one and then another missed one and then a very light one, my step dad actually told her she looked fat and pregnant! And sure enough, she'd put on about 9, 10lbs. So she went to the doctor, who did a blood test to see if she was pregnant, and she wasn't. But her doctor still wasn't satisfied (something your doctor doesn't seem to care about!) and sent her for an ultrasound, and sure enough she had ovarian cysts, the size of fists, on both ovaries! If the doctor hadn't sent her for an ultrasound, no one would have known and she may have been very ill or died!

      I had the same thing (i'm only 21, i was 19 when i was diagnosed!) but mine were a lot smaller and now i remember putting on weight (about 5, 6lbs) without really any explanation. I just thought it was because i was on the pill! Sometimes that makes you gain weight. But nope, i had cysts! It's not just the weight of the cysts, they make you retain water and fat around your stomach! Or at least they did with me! (I've since had one baby and another one due any day, so they don't effect fertility unless they're so big your ovaries have to be removed, my mums did!)

      So what i'm saying is, if there's no other satisfactory answer as to why you're gaining weight and having no period, then i'd demand an ultrasound!!!! It may not be ovarian cysts, it could be something completely different, but something is clearly not right! And doctors get things wrong all the time! I mean, the misdiagnosed Kylie's cancer! If she hadn't got a second opinion, who knows what might have happened?.....

      Good luck!

    positive pregnancy test result, is it possible even if you're not pregnant? Why does it happen?
    Ok. I tried the home pregnancy test last February and I got a positive result, but when I went to the ob, said that I need to wait another 2 weeks and try testing again, after 2 weeks, about first week of March, I tried, and I also got another positive result, but then the ob didn't see any sign of pregnancy even in the ultrasound..Then on April, I've got my period, so I thought the home pregnancy test was taken by mistake.. but after that, I didn't have my next period, until now, July. So I tried the home pregnancy test again last week and got a positive result, again. And made another test yesterday and got the same result. I'm really confused, what's wrong with me. I'm going to the doctor next week to ask about it.
    Is there anyone here share the same experience as mine? Please tell me what should I do.. Is the result real this time, or is it the same as before?
    By the way, I'm 24, married last year, August..
    I didn't have miscarriage. I just have an irregular period, and sometimes it last upto 4 months without period, so it's really hard for me to detect if I'm pregnant. But lately, I fell like my stomach is not in good condition. I can't eat anything, I just want to eat something salty and sour but I just don't know specifically what food is it, and whenever I smell food spices like garlic, I feel like vomiting. I haven't gone to the doctor yesterday coz my husband was busy and I don't want to go alone. Since it's weekend, I'll be going to doctor on monday morning. Do you think I'm pregnant? I just don't want to be hoping, because of what happened before. But I just want to know the symtoms of pregnancy..

    • ANSWER:
      How Common Is A False Positive Pregnancy Test And What Causes It?
      Home Pregnancy Tests
      HCG pregnancy tests or home pregnancy tests determine pregnancy through the detection of the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in a woman s urine. Doctors recommend that you wait until you have missed a period to take a home pregnancy test. If you can not wait that long to find out and you know the day you may have conceived, then the earliest you can take a test would be 14 days from possible conception. Home tests are usually 97% accurate when all instructions are followed correctly and the results are read on time. Some kits come with two tests so that in case you have made a mistake, you may take the home pregnancy tests gain. Learn more about the accuracy of home pregnancy tests in another relevant article.

      False Positive Pregnancy Test Results and What Causes Them
      A false positive pregnancy test is when the test says that you are pregnant but actually you are not. This is a one off case and a positive pregnancy test is a pretty good indication that you are pregnant. False positive pregnancy tests are rare - though there are instances and conditions where they can occur.

      There could be various reasons for a false positive test.
      Chemical Pregnancy
      A chemical pregnancy is basically an early miscarriage. Research has shown that half of all first pregnancies end in miscarriage. Due to the high sensitivity of home pregnancy tests, many women catch early pregnancies but end up going on to have their periods due to a chemical pregnancy.

      Missed Reaction Time
      For accuracy in home pregnancy tests it is essential that you read the test results in the stipulated reaction time. If you let the test sit for too long (after the instructions on the box tell you), the test is invalid. This may cause it to show false positive results.

      Chemical Interference
      Drugs that have the pregnancy hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in them can cause incorrect results in home pregnancy tests. The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in them may be responsible for the false positive pregnancy test. If you have had an HCG shot due to infertilty treatments, you need to be sure the shot is out of your system before you attempt to use early pregnancy tests.

      Evaporation Lines
      While technically not a true pregnancy, some pregnancy tests leave a faint evaporation line as the urine crosses the test. This faint very light grey evaporation line in the test area is often interpretted as a positive result.

      AimStrip pregnancy test strips have a very good reputation of NOT leaving evaporation lines and are much less expensive than brands you can buy in your local supermarket or drug store.

      If you are not sure about your home pregnancy results it is recommended that you try again after a couple of days. If doubts regarding the results still persist, you must see a doctor for a pregnancy blood test. A blood test administered by your doctor is more sensitive than the early home tests and can be taken between seven and twelve days after you conceive.

    what causes false pregnancy tests?
    every test i take shows positive but i went to the doctor and im not pregnant they did an ultrasound and blood work. so what in the world could be causing this? no im not reading the tests wrong either i have 3 kids.
    ok i did ask the doctor and he didnt know g figure i live in arkansas. and i have like 20 or so tests. what about tumors or cancer or ovarian sisks or crohns? o the box it said certain medical c`onditions can cause a false positive?

    • ANSWER:
      things that can cause a false postive
      Chemical Pregnancy
      A chemical pregnancy is basically an early miscarriage. Research has shown that half of all first pregnancies end in miscarriage. Due to the high sensitivity of home pregnancy tests, many women catch early pregnancies but end up going on to have their periods due to a chemical pregnancy.

      Missed Reaction Time
      For accuracy in home pregnancy tests it is essential that you read the test results in the stipulated reaction time. If you let the test sit for too long (after the instructions on the box tell you), the test is invalid. This may cause it to show false positive results.

      Chemical Interference
      Drugs that have the pregnancy hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in them can cause incorrect results in home pregnancy tests. The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in them may be responsible for the false positive pregnancy test. If you have had an HCG shot due to infertilty treatments, you need to be sure the shot is out of your system before you attempt to use early pregnancy tests.

      Evaporation Lines
      While technically not a true pregnancy, some pregnancy tests leave a faint evaporation line as the urine crosses the test. This faint very light grey evaporation line in the test area is often interpretted as a positive result.

      AimStrip pregnancy test strips have a very good reputation of NOT leaving evaporation lines and are much less expensive than brands you can buy in your local supermarket or drug store.

      If you are not sure about your home pregnancy results it is recommended that you try again after a couple of days. If doubts regarding the results still persist, you must see a doctor for a pregnancy blood test. A blood test administered by your doctor is more sensitive than the early home tests and can be taken between seven and twelve days after you conceive.

      im sorry who ever gave this a thumbs down why dont you write to and tell them this info is not right giving thumbs down for clear acurate infomation is just pathetic

      can i also say that the info that blonde has given is incorrect as i had a false positive, in february, we have no idea why this happen but i most deffo wasnt pregnant

    6 weeks pregnant and no one know whats wrong with me?
    I am so distressed. I just came back from the doctor AGAIN and with no answers.

    I have had UTI symptoms for about 3 weeks now, and every time they test my urine, they tell me its clear. I cant pee without screaming from the pain my tummy. I urinate all the time, my back hurts and so do my legs. I usually get UTI's and this is how they present themselves.

    I feel so helpless. I have been to the ER 3 times now and nothing. Has ANYONE here ever been through this? I am about to start my THIRD antibiotic because the last 2 have done nothing.

    I am at wits end now, because i am pregnant and having to worry about this. My platete levels are also 666. They are going up by the day apparently. Now i need to do an ultrasound of the bladder. The doctor said maybe a stone? But i dont believe what they say to me anymore. I am depressed and crying all the time cause i am without sleep and exhausted. Please if someone can reach out right now, i would really appreciate it whole heartedly.

    • ANSWER:
      hi darl,
      take a deep breath and relax as its not doing u or baby any good ok.
      first doctor is maybe on the right track.if ur not happy with him get another dr opinion.nothing is wrong with that.i found this info read it it might put u at makes all sense that mayb it is a stone or hormones and it'll pass.stay in touch and let me no how ur going or feel like talking.dont feel ur 7and 1/2 months pregnant and i get so emotional too.i have'nt been sleeping well and it can make u feel like crap.
      take it easy and i'll hear from you soon

      Infections in Pregnancy
      Pregnant women seem no more prone to UTIs than other women. However, when a UTI does occur in a pregnant woman, it is more likely to travel to the kidneys. According to some reports, about 2 to 4 percent of pregnant women develop a urinary infection. Scientists think that hormonal changes and shifts in the position of the urinary tract during pregnancy make it easier for bacteria to travel up the ureters to the kidneys. For this reason, many doctors recommend periodic testing of urine during pregnancy.

      [Top] What are the symptoms of UTI?
      Not everyone with a UTI has symptoms, but most people get at least some symptoms. These may include a frequent urge to urinate and a painful, burning feeling in the area of the bladder or urethra during urination. It is not unusual to feel bad all over tired, shaky, washed out and to feel pain even when not urinating. Often women feel an uncomfortable pressure above the pubic bone, and some men experience a fullness in the rectum. It is common for a person with a urinary infection to complain that, despite the urge to urinate, only a small amount of urine is passed. The urine itself may look milky or cloudy, even reddish if blood is present. Normally, a UTI does not cause fever if it is in the bladder or urethra. A fever may mean that the infection has reached the kidneys. Other symptoms of a kidney infection include pain in the back or side below the ribs, nausea, or vomiting.

      In children, symptoms of a urinary infection may be overlooked or attributed to another disorder. A UTI should be considered when a child or infant seems irritable, is not eating normally, has an unexplained fever that does not go away, has incontinence or loose bowels, or is not thriving. Unlike adults, children are more likely to have fever and no other symptoms. This can happen to both boys and girls. The child should be seen by a doctor if there are any questions about these symptoms, especially a change in the child's urinary pattern.

      [Top] How is UTI diagnosed?
      To find out whether you have a UTI, your doctor will test a sample of urine for pus and bacteria. You will be asked to give a "clean catch" urine sample by washing the genital area and collecting a "midstream" sample of urine in a sterile container. This method of collecting urine helps prevent bacteria around the genital area from getting into the sample and confusing the test results. Usually, the sample is sent to a laboratory, although some doctors' offices are equipped to do the testing.

      In the urinalysis test, the urine is examined for white and red blood cells and bacteria. Then the bacteria are grown in a culture and tested against different antibiotics to see which drug best destroys the bacteria. This last step is called a sensitivity test.

      Some microbes, like Chlamydia and Mycoplasma, can be detected only with special bacterial cultures. A doctor suspects one of these infections when a person has symptoms of a UTI and pus in the urine, but a standard culture fails to grow any bacteria.

      When an infection does not clear up with treatment and is traced to the same strain of bacteria, the doctor may order some tests to determine if your system is normal. One of these tests is an intravenous pyelogram, which gives x-ray images of the bladder, kidneys, and ureters. An opaque dye visible on x-ray film is injected into a vein, and a series of x rays is taken. The film shows an outline of the urinary tract, revealing even small changes in the structure of the tract.

      If you have recurrent infections, your doctor also may recommend an ultrasound exam, which gives pictures from the echo patterns of soundwaves bounced back from internal organs. Another useful test is cystoscopy. A cystoscope is an instrument made of a hollow tube with several lenses and a light source, which allows the doctor to see inside the bladder from the urethra.

      [Top] How is UTI treated?
      UTIs are treated with antibacterial drugs. The choice of drug and length of treatment depend on the patient's history and the urine tests that identify the offending bacteria. The sensitivity test is especially useful in helping the doctor select the most effective drug. The drugs most often used to treat routine, uncomplicated UTIs are trimethoprim (Trimpex), trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole (Bactrim, Septra, Cotrim), amoxicillin (Amoxil, Trimox, Wymox), nitrofurantoin (Macrodantin,

    How accurate are preganancy tests?
    Like the ones you buy at local drug stores (i.e. Rite Aid)
    Also when is best time to take one, as to ensure accurate results?

    • ANSWER:
      They are very accurate, when used appropriately.
      If the test is done two early (less than two weeks after ovulation) it could be negative.
      This is not a FALSE negative, it's just too early to do the test.
      Most urine tests are positive at an HCG of 50, sometimes even 25. This would correlate with a gestation of around 4 weeks and a few days by ultrasound.
      By 5 weeks, a test would definitely be positive, unless there is a blighted ovum, causing a drop in HCG -- this means that a miscarriage is about to happen.
      There's always a chance that something could be wrong with the test, or a lab error, but that's pretty unusual. There's usually a logical explanation for a "false" negative, and it's usually just that it was done a few days too early.
      Testing too early wastes your money and makes you crazy!
      Good luck!

    My dog has blood in her urine?
    I have had my dog for almost 6yrs. She is happy and healthy acting and everything is normal except that she has had blood in her urine. Taken to the vet and they said she just has a UTI and gave her antibiotics. I know they probably know what is wrong but I am so scared and worried that she might have a tumor on her kidneys, or diabetes. I am thinking of taking her to the vet again on Monday but everyone is telling me to give it another week. Have you ever had this happen to a pet? I was wondering how long it should take for it to clear up with the antibiotics?

    • ANSWER:
      Actually, antibiotics should start working within 2 or 3 days. You always finish the course of antibiotics for any pet (and yourself) to be sure all bad bacteria are gone. So if she is not looking better by Monday, I would definitely take her back in. Your vet probably looked at her urine and saw white blood cells which indicate infection. Once the antibiotics are given, if there is no improvement, that does not mean your vet was wrong about the UTI. It may mean there is more than one thing going on.

      Diabetes in your dog can be diagnosed by your vet by a simple blood test. An ultrasound of the abdominal cavity will reveal the health of all the internal organs. In addition, your vet should do a visual exam. For example, my dog has some blood in her urine. I took her in thinking it was a UTI, but she had a lump on her vulva. They took it out, it was benign, all was well. Just an example that sometimes it not what you think.

      Personally, if you can afford it, I believe ultrasounds are good to have on your pets every 2-3 years. They can reveal so much that you cant tell from looking or the way your pet is acting.

      Finally, just a note that I always give probiotics when my dog is on antibiotics to promote good bacteria. No need to pay up for special doggie brands. Just go to your drug store and get the generic acidophillus comparable to AccuFlora or Culturelle.


    faintly positive pregnancy test? What should I expect or do next? (Several questions!)?
    My period was supossed to start Sunday night/Monday Morning. I took a pregnancy test Tuesday. I took the HPT (the walmart brand of First-Response). I took it, and it said do NOT read the results after 10 minutes. I went away for no more than 5 minutes, came back, and there was an EXTREMELY faint positive line (just enough to know it's there). I still have not gotten my period. We were planning on getting one of the name brand tests this weekend. HOWEVER, I have read a little about the tests from the dollar store (Dollar Tree in specific) being just as good as the expensive ones. Have any of you used these? Are they reliable?

    And, assuming I am pregnant. I know the next step is to call a doctor and set up an appointment. But What should I expect? I would only be 5 weeks as of today.

    **And do NOT leave mean comments please. I am 21, my fiance is 23, and we have a place, and would be able to handle a child. So please no mean comments!**
    I know a positive is a positive regardless.

    We want a with-out-a-doubt positive so we can get a good picture. We have plans to tell some family members within a few weeks (father's day) and we want a picture of a positive test for our ideas!

    • ANSWER:
      A line is a line no matter how faint. And yes, the ones from the Dollar stores are just fine. You might get a mix of negative and positive tests in these early days even with the brand name tests, so IMO you should wait for another several days before retesting and make sure you use first morning urine. But actually I see absolutely no reason to retest at all. You had a positive. You're pregnant. You haven't bled, so there's no indication you are having a chemical pregnancy (early miscarriage) or that anything is wrong. You could just wait and see a doctor to confirm.

      Usually they wouldn't want to see you until you are 8-10 weeks. During this time just use common sense. Eat healthy. Drink lots of water. Avoid alcohol/tobacco and any drugs other than tylenol; if you take any prescriptions you should call ASAP to ask if you should stop.

      At your first appointment they will confirm the pregnancy, usually with a urine or blood test. Your doctor will do a pelvic exam to feel the size of your uterus and they will also do a pap smear. You would also have blood drawn to check for some standard things like your blood type, hemoglobin level, HIV/syphilis/gonorrhea/hepatitis B test, rubella immunity. You will be given some general health information about how to care for yourself, warning signs and what to do if you see them, etc. They may or may not do an ultrasound - some doctors do them routinely while others do not, especially if you are really sure about your LMP date. You will not be able to hear baby's heart beat with a hand-held doppler until around week 12-13. If they do a scan they would see a heart beat by about 6-6.5 weeks.

      Good luck!

    28 M Severe Abdominal Pain, Bloody Urine. NOT an infection or kidney stone, Any Ideas?
    My husband is 28 years old and for the past 2 weeks has had severe abdominal pain in the exact same spot, a couple inches to the right of his belly button, and blood in his urine. It gets worse with any type of activity, like even when he just walks around a store. It has gone from bright red, to brown, then clear, and then back to red multiple times. There are also clots. He has been to 3 different doctors, had a ct scan, ultrasound, and blood tested. He has no infections, no kidney stones, and all his organs look perfectly fine. The doctors have no idea what is wrong with him. Has anybody experienced similiar symptoms or have any advice?
    He has been to a urologist who gave him antibiotics even though he tested negative for infection. He said to come back in 2 weeks if it is no better. He is not active and does not exercise at all however he is also not overweight at all. He does smoke and has for probably 10 years about 3 packs a week. Over the past 3 days the pain has gotten worse and is now waking him up in the middle of the night and his doc refuses to give any pain med, just says take tylenol or motrin which has not been helping... any other advice??

    • ANSWER:
      No infection...urinary, kidney, prostate, STD. No stone/calculi, no abnormal findings in CT/US tumors, cyst, masses. No prostate enlargement, no penile injury, straddle injury.

      Young guy 28ys old ? Gym rat, frequent heavy lifting, exercise addict, abuse of protein drinks, creatine products for building muscle mass?

      Injury could be mild and happened without noting the seriousness of it.
      An injury to the kidney or bladder, during an accident, can severely damage the internal organs and result in internal bleeding, which may be seen during urination.

      Studies have shown that hematuria in males can also be brought by strenuous exercises. Hematuria caused due to exercise is a minor issue and staying away from exercise for a few days will help to get rid of red color in the urine. Occurrence of blood in urine may be seen in people who participate in sports like football and long distance running. However, these symptoms usually subside within a week after adequate rest.

      Rhabdomyolysis At A Glance

      Rhabdomyolysis is the rapid destruction of skeletal muscle resulting in leakage into the urine of the muscle protein myoglobin.

      Rhabdomyolysis has many causes.

      Mediations can cause muscle injury and rhabdomyolysis.

      Rhabdomyolysis can cause muscle pain and weakness.

      Blood levels of muscle enzymes, including CPK, SGOT, SGPT, and LDH, as well as blood and urine myoglobin are used to diagnose and monitor rhabdomyolysis.

      Hospitalization is sometimes required to treat rhabdomyolysis.
      What are the symptoms of rhabdomyolysis?

      Rhabdomyolysis may not cause any symptoms at all. Muscle aches and pain (myalgia), stiffness, and muscle weakness can occur with rhabdomyolysis, and is especially common with severe muscle damage. Rhabdomyolysis may cause a darkening of the urine color. Myoglobin is released from the muscles when they break down and is excreted into the urine. This can cause a red or cola color of the urine.

      What should I do if I think I have rhabdomyolysis?

      If you have signs and symptoms suggestive of rhabdomyolysis, your doctor needs to be notified promptly. It is important to realize that these symptoms are not specific for rhabdomyolysis as they may be caused by other conditions.

      How is rhabdomyolysis diagnosed?

      Rhabdomyolysis is suggested by the history of recent and past events and the physical examination. It is confirmed by blood and urine testing. An important part of diagnosing rhabdomyolysis is a comprehensive medical history and physical examination.

      The medical history may include questions about any medication use, drug and alcohol use, other medical conditions, any trauma or accident, etc. Blood tests include a complete blood count (CBC), a metabolic panel, muscle enzymes, and urinalysis.

      The diagnosis of rhabdomyolysis is confirmed by detecting elevated muscle enzymes in blood. Muscle enzymes include creatine phosphokinase (CPK), SGOT, SGPT, and LDH. The levels of these enzymes rise as the muscle is destroyed in rhabdomyolysis.

      Of note, CPK is also in heart muscle (cardiac muscle) and brain. The laboratory is usually able to distinguish between the different components of this enzyme. For example, the fraction coming from skeletal muscle is referred to as CK-MM and the one from heart muscle is designated as CK-MB. There are small amounts of the CK-MB component in the skeletal muscle as well.

      The levels of myoglobin can be elevated in blood and urine

      Blood coagulation diseases, low platelets, blood thinners, Heavy Aspirin abuse, Alcohol abuse/Liver disease.

      Just some other ideas.

      No pain meds, no diagnosis, continued hematuria (blood in urine/clots), continued pain...none of the above seems to fit, all else normal; go back to doctor (Urologist) and demand Cystoscopy (visualization with scope to look at urethra and bladder for bleeding source...polyp, tumor). Question kidney function test if not completed, Question Coagulation studies and bleeding disorder.

    When a quantative blood test is done for pregnancy, when is the best time to test?
    I am about 2 weeks late for my period, have been on fertility drugs for 2 treatments and I am testing negative on hpt. I have a blood test scheduled for friday to make sure i am not pregnant before i take meds to induce my period for the next round of fertility drugs. Is 14 days late enough for a hpt? Is 14 days enough time for a blood test to show?

    • ANSWER:
      let me tell you about my own experience with being tested! i dont believe none. i was tested 3 times with urine and 2 times with blood. all my tests came out neg. but after i was already 5 1/2 mos. and continued to be sick i told my dr. there was something wrong with me and that my body was going through changes and i had gained weight. i would get nausiated for the smallest odors, food cooked or i would crave certain things and those things would make me sick than finally we did the 2nd blood test at close to 7 mos. and finally i showed pos. after doing an ultrasound is how we found out how far along i was. all that time i missed on taking pre natals and etc. we were really concerned for the baby for i had been admitted to the hosp. several times for lack of malnutrition. this was with my oldest girl who is now 22 yrs. and i just had my last which is 7 mos. and i have had the same experience with her as to my first girl so as you can see girls were difficult for me. so upon my experiences no dr. can really say or tell you about your body during this time because the pregnancy is in control and your hormones are all out of wack. good luck to you!

    Does liver disease always show up in blood tests?
    Note: I'm a bit of a hypochondriac.

    I'm young, but I drink fairly frequently. I noticed a slight discomfort in my liver area. Almost a dull ache.

    I went to the doctor. He examined the area by pushing under my right rib cage and tapping around the area. He said everything was normal

    He then gave me a blood and urine test. Everything came back normal.

    Other than the occasional dull ache (which I may be imagining), I do notice a slight sensation sometimes if I am pushing around under my right ribcage, like as if something is moving. Is it normal to be able to feel your liver with your fingers?
    I am 28/m. I've been drinking about 7 years. I have not been exposed to any other abnormal toxins/ environmental conditions

    • ANSWER:
      Not always. No blood test is 100% accurate.
      If the doctor suspects a liver problem, they usually do more blood test ,with intervals
      in between, to be sure of the tests results.
      The blood tests only give the doctor an
      "idea" that there is something wrong. They
      cannot give a true diagnoses until other tests
      are done.

      Usually, a liver problem starts out as
      inflammation of the liver cells. This means
      that the liver cells are stress and can become
      damage which causes the immune system
      to respond. The blood tests may show a
      rise in the liver enzymes at this point. But,
      in some people no rise is detected. If the
      doctor knows the patient is drinking alcohol...
      he will examine and feel the upper right
      hand quadrant of the abdomen. He is trying
      to feel for inflammation...about the only thing
      he is able to feel is the lower end of the liver,
      for the rest is under the rib cage. Patients
      usually cannot feel this with their finger tips,
      but they can feel some pressure in that
      area because inflammation can cause the
      liver to enlarge in size.

      It would be best to have an ultrasound done.
      This will show any enlargement of the liver and
      also how the blood is flowing through the liver...
      if this ache continues and you think you need
      a second opinion.

      Some people are more sensitive to alcohol
      than others are. If you even think you may
      have a liver problem, it is best to stop
      drinking right away. Patients who have
      a drinking problem have a harder time
      trying to get placement on the transplant list
      because of this habit. They used to have
      to prove they could do without it for at
      least 6 months. The transplant costs are
      0,000 and up, not counting the drugs
      needed afterwards. There are also no
      guarantees at all that you will receive an
      organ, that the organ will function after the
      transplant surgery or you won't go into rejection.
      Plus, you end up with the medical profession
      the rest of your life. It is definitely not worth it.

      I hope this has helped you.

    the vet called about my dog's blood and urine test does his plan sound ok?
    He said my dog has an alot of bilirubin in his urine, but in his blood it's normal. He said the urine sometimes shows liver problems before the blood.

    But in his blood, erythrocytes were increased. Everything else in his blood is normal.

    His gums are pale and he's very lethargic. And drinks somewhat less.

    My 2 dogs also have sarcoptic mange, but my other dog is not at all lethargic. They have no secondary bacterial or fungal infections and no worms.

    Today the vet said since my dog is only 3, it's probably not liver disease but that there might be a parasite the stool check missed. He said we can do an ultrasound and xrays on the liver but to wait until I finish the sarcoptic mange treatment to see if he feels better then.

    I was wondering if anyone knew what could be wrong? The vet isn't too concerned I guess since he said wait, but I am because I know my dog and he hasn't played or ran in 4 weeks..he's a 3 year old border collie mix this is not normal..thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Bilirubin is a compound in the blood of dogs that is excreted in feces and urine. The yellowish-brown substance is a by-product of the breakdown of heme in the blood. Heme is in the hemoglobin in the red blood cells and is responsible for carrying oxygen. The breakdown of heme is a normal part of the body recycling the red blood cells. After heme is broken down, the resulting Bilirubin is taken to the liver where it is processed into a water-soluble form that can be taken to the intestines and kidneys to be excreted.
      .What Is Too High?
      Normal levels of bilirubin in a dog's urine are less than 1 milligram per deciliter (mg/dl). Once the bilirubin reaches 2 mg/dl, then the dog will become jaundiced, which is a yellowish color of the skin and whites of the eyes. When this happens, the dog will need to be treated for the underlying cause of the elevated bilirubin. The causes for jaundice are found to be in three categories: pre-hepatic, hepatic and post-hepatic.
      Pre-hepatic Jaundice
      Pre-hepatic jaundice is caused by an excessive breakdown of red blood cells, which is called hemolysis, or by significant muscle injury. The injured muscle cells release heme, which is broken down into the extra bilirubin. Hemolysis results in anemia. To treat this, the underlying cause for the anemia must be found and treated. This can include anything from internal bleeding, to cancer, to infection.
      Hepatic Jaundice
      Hepatic jaundice is caused by a disease or disorder of the liver. This can include an infection, which can be treated with antibiotics. Many liver diseases can only be managed through drugs, vitamins, or other supplements.
      Post-hepatic Jaundice
      Post-hepatic jaundice is caused by a blockage in the bile duct or a leak in the biliary tract or by gallbladder disease. This is usually treated with the surgical removal of the blockage or the gallbladder, or the surgical repair of the leak. Pancreatitis can also cause a blockage in the bile duct and the blockage may go away on its own when the pancreatitis is treated. DiagnosisDiagnosis of jaundice begins with a blood test. If the dog is anemic, then the underlying cause for the anemia must be found. If the dog is not anemic, then a chemistry analysis of the blood is done to check for other levels of enzymes and other compounds that could indicate liver disease or gallbladder disease. The next step would be to take X-rays under anesthesia to look for blockages or leaks or to check the condition and size of the liver and gallbladder. Ultrasound could also be used to check for blockages. A biopsy of the liver may be needed to check for liver disease. If the cause is still not determined after all these steps, the last resort would be exploratory surgery to look for causes that didn't show up on X-rays or ultrasound.

      Purchase an over the counter sarcoptic mange treatment at Tractor Supply stores or online at Happy Jack Inc. ( Many other online venders sell treatments for sarcoptic mites. These skin parasites, Sarcoptic mites are killed with sprays, dips, and ointments with benzyl benzoate as the active ingredient. It's recommended that you first consult your veterinarian before using any canine scabies treatments and also that you read the directions thoroughly before administering any pet mange medicines.

      Treat ALL pets in your household for sarcoptic mange and at the same time. Even though sarcoptic mites thrive mostly on dogs, they will also if need be, on cats and other household pets. If you only treat one animal for canine scabies, the skin parasites will just move on to another host in your household.

      Wash all pet clothing, collars, and bedding in hot bleach water if you are able to do so. Clean anywhere that your pet lays or sleeps to kill any lingering sarcoptic mites. Canine scabies mange treatment will be speeded up if you do a through cleaning of your house. Vacuum all carpeting and any other flooring to get rid of pet mange in your home. You should clean even after all pet mange treatment medications are complete. Clean your home thoroughly for a month after your pet shows no signs of sarcoptic mange.

      Apply aloe and vitamin E to your pet's affected areas after mange treatment for skin parasites is complete. Your pet(s) have probably damaged his or her skin and have lost a lot of hair from the canine scabies. Aloe and vitamin E will speed up your pet's skin recovery

    I pee a lot, but doctor said nothings wrong with me?
    over the last two years, i pee a lot, at night i pee anywhere from every 30min-3 hours and during the day i'll pee anywhere from 1-5 hours, I went to the doctor and they drew some blood and checked that and checked my urine and told me that nothing was wrong with me.... I'm 21 year old and i don't know, i hope the doctors right, But i've never had any blood in my pee or anything like that.
    Thanks for some answers, Also i do drink a lot of water, I've been a big guy all my life (from middle school to now anywhere from 270-290) and about 4 months ago i completely stopped drinking Coke, Tea and switched just to straight up water, And i work outside 6-9 hours a day. The doctor said i don't have diabetes, I'm also not border diabetic, i'm perfectly healthy he said, but this pissing all the time just really bugs me.

    • ANSWER:
      Notwithstanding the other answers, which may or may not be accurate, one of the details that you fail to mention is the quantity of urine that you pass at these frequent intervals. If they are relatively small amounts, this may be an indication of a condition known as an Over Active Bladder OAB. This occurs when the muscles of the bladder involuntarily contract more frequently and at inappropriate times. Your brain reads those contractions as an urgent need to urinate. If you have "dry" OAB, you ll make it to the bathroom on time but not without worry and anxiety. If you have the "wet" form of overactive bladder, you may not always make it without leaking urine (urge incontinence). There are many known causes, but as you state that you have had medical examinations and tests and all the results have proved normal, it would appear that if OAB is your diagnosis then it would fall into the category known as Ideopathic - Cause Unknown. Bladder training and pelvic floor exercises are just two natural treatments for overactive bladder. Research suggests that these non-drug remedies can cut overactive bladder episodes by about half, and they have almost no side effects. Other behavioural tips for preventing incontinence include:- avoiding drinking caffeine or a lot of fluids before activities and not drinking fluids right before you go to bed. You would be advised to request an appointment with a urologist to determine if OAB is the actual cause. There will be further tests and these will include examinations of your abdomen, pelvis, genitals, and rectum. You might also have a neurological exam to look for problems in your nervous system that could affect your ability to urinate. Further urine tests which may include what is known as a Postvoid residual volume. This test checks to see whether the bladder empties fully by passing a flexible tube called a catheter through your urethra and into your bladder after you ve urinated. The catheter drains the urine that remains in your bladder and measures it. Another way to test postvoid residual urine is with an ultrasound, which uses sound waves to look at how much urine is left in your bladder after you urinate. Whatever further examinations may be undertaken, I wish you well.


      It is extremely important to obtain an accurate diagnosis before trying to find a cure. Many diseases and conditions share common symptoms.

      The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.

      Hope this helps
      matador 89

    blood hcg 280 but HPT negative, is that possible?
    I got a positive HPT and I saw a GYN right away. He didn't do an ultrasound, only a urine pregnancy test and it came out negative. They also drew blood on the same day and my hcg was 280. Was there something wrong with the urine test?

    • ANSWER:
      HPT usually come up positive with 25-50 mUI. Sounds like the docs test was a dud. There are chances of false positives, such as a rare cancer,fertility drugs or a chemical pregnancy. Blood tests are 100% accurate. Congrats :)

    I'm having horrible right lower abdominal pain. Please help!?
    I have been experiencing severe lower right abdominal pain for three days now. It started with me waking up, feeling crappy, then later that night, bottomed over in sharp stabbing pain & was rushed by ambulance to the ER. All they did was give me pain medication in my IV, checked blood work and a urinalysis. No CT or ultrasound preformed. Two days later(now) I returned to the ER since my symptoms were getting worse. The doctor only ran a urinalysis plus two shots. One of phenagrin and one of toradol. No further testing was done. I was told that I needed bed rest and to be on a liquid diet. I have had non stop vomiting with bright red blood, constant bowel movements, migraine from hell and the pain has radiated from my abdomen to my back & right shoulder. I live in a new town and this place only has one hospital unless I travel out of state. This is messing up my sleep, work and putting a huge strain on my body but no one seems to want to run proper test since I had a normal CT scan back in June. I had my gallbladder removed in 2010 and went through so many test that were all negative until I got a surgion to believe me six months after the pain started. I do have lots of chronic illnesses for me only being 26 years old but the doctors treat me like a drug seeker. I never go in asking for drugs. I ask them, better yet, BEG them to help me figure out what is wrong. I am support to meet with a surgeon in 5 days but I do not think I can make it until then. My stomach is very descended, gassy and I can hardly stand with out almost passing out but the ER does not seem to care. Does anyone think that the surgeon might just remove it for me even though I have perfect blood and UA work? Any help or suggestions are needed at this point and hopefully from someone who has experience what I am going through. This is zapping my energy and every hour, seems to be worse. Keep in mind, I can not go to the ER since they straight up told me they cant do anything for me plus, my mom is a nurse trying to keep me sane at this rough time. Please please please, someone out there give me some words of wisdom! Thank you!
    Thanks to your all who responded so fast. I am looking into other hospitals. Lauren- my mom and I both suspected appendicitis but the doctors won't preform the proper test.

    • ANSWER:
      you definitely need an ultrasound or CT!! there must be something wrong with you..pls ask for it!!!

      urine test and blood tests only wont find the cause!

    What is wrong w me?? Please give ideas, could i be pregnant or??
    Hi all. Okay so something is def not right w my body. The past two months i have been having little pains in my lower abdomen (around my uterus area i guess). This past week they have gotten worse. Im not really sure why. I missed my period in sept but ended up getting one in oct. It was strange bc i never miss a period. I did have sex (sometimes unprotected) back in mid aug. So in sept i was thinking i could b pregnant. I took a few test and they all came up negative. So... Also latley i have been having really bad pains in my lower back. And have been sleeping alot. I dont know what is wrong w me! I am going to go to the doctors sometime next week. but was just wondering if anyone had any ideas. thankyou very much!

    i know unprotected sex was bad.

    i dont have an std we were only w each other. and yes i know he didnt cheat on me.

    • ANSWER:
      hun i am a doctor..its for sure for me u r not pregnant what u have is a sort of pelvic inflamatory isa genital tract infection andd to b honest many have it even with safe sex but usually much less.what u r in need now is an ultrasound examination and a general urine examination ...if u want my advice start therapy and sefest drugs that will help u are 1 keflex(cephalixine) 500mg by 4 after meal...2 flagyl tab 500 mg 3 time after meal and buscopan co. start taking them and go any time latter to your doc. it will not harm u but in fact u might b cured on them.............. ready for help hun

    Has anyone had a pelvis ultrasound done before? Please need help! 10 POINTS?
    Right.. I've been with my current partner for about 3 years and a half now.
    My last period was sometime in February and since then i have not had my period, I've been to the clinic loads of times and had 4 pregnancy test's and all of them came negative, also I've had a chlamydia and gonorrhea test and i was negative too.
    For the past week, I've had some really bad pains near my pelvis and vagina and i couldn't move because it was so painful, but then it got better as i kept walking..
    I went to my GP to ask what was wrong with me, and basically i had a blood test and a urine test which was sent off this morning, but the doctor said that i should make an appointment with the people who will do the pelvic ultrasound.
    Has anybody been through this before?
    if you have what happened?
    do you guys have any ideas of what i might have?
    I know i will get my answers from the doctors and that, but i want to know if anyone has been through this and the opinion of people?

    Thanks a lot

    • ANSWER:
      Gynecological diseases are normally caused by bacterial infection or inflammatory. Main symptoms of inflammations are: excessive vaginal fluid with abnormal color and odour, vaginal orifice itch, etc. If chronic cervicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease are not been cured promptly, the infection would spread to all of the genital system and cause the infection in pelvic cavity, womb, adnexa, and vagina.
      Since antibiotics would produce drug resistance, you can take traditional Chinese medicine "Fuyan Pill", which is capable of curing female reproductive and urinary system diseases. It has no side effects or drug resistance for the pills are made by herbals.

    can anyone tell me what's wrong with him?
    33 year old african-american male.has had dirrhea and nausea since last week,along with low grade fever, some right upper quadrant abdominal pain,eyes seem yellow,. temperature is 99.8F , BP is110/80mm Hg,pulse is 90 beats/min, respiratory is 14 breaths/min. has prominent yellow colour to his sclera and under his tounge,mucous membrane are moist, lung and cardiac examinations are normal. his abdomen has normal bowel sounds and some tenderness in the right upper quadrant.his liver edge is palpable just below the coastal margin. there are no other masses felt, no rebound, no guarding. he has clay- coloured soft stool that is hemoccult negative. he works as a pastor to built a medical clinicabout 5 weeks ago. Had a mild case of travellers diarrhea while there, but otherwise has felt well. he has no significant medical history, takes no medications regularly. He denies alcohol,tobacco or iv drug use. can anyone doctors out there help me ? what is the most likely diagnosis? how to confirm ?

    • ANSWER:
      The yellowing of the whites of the eyes, signifies Jaundice. This can be brought on because the bile isn't flowing well from the inside of the liver, through tube like structures...known as ducts, to the intestines. This can happen if a stone from the gallbladder moves out and blocks the ducts causing the bile to back up into the liver and the liver can develop inflammation of the cells there or an infection can occur in these ducts. When our red blood cells die, they are converted into a substance known as bilirubin. This bilirubin is transported to the liver on a protein, known as Albumin. It is converted by the liver into a soluble form which then combines with the bile and flows from the liver to the intestines to help in the digestion of the fats we eat. Why am I going over this? Because the bilirubin is a greenish-brown, yellow substance that gives color to our bowel movements and if the bile ducts become mal formed, or twisted, or stricture like when someone has primary biliary cirrhosis or sclerosing cholangitis...or if the bile ducts become doesn't allow the bilirubin, in the bile, to enter into the intestines and the bowel movements will appear a whitish clay color and tend to float on top of the toilet water. Since the bile backs up into the liver, it either stays in the blood or goes back out into the blood and causes the skin, whites of the eyes, and even the mucous membranes to appear yellow. Because this is in the blood, the kidneys try to filter it out and it can cause the urine to also darken in color.
      Someone who has diarrhea for some time can easily become dehydrated and their electrolyte balance can be off. This can cause nausea. Usually, when the doctors sees this, the patient is put on Iv fluids and the electrolytes will be replaced.
      There could be a number of reasons for a problem with his liver...but the most reasonable one is a biliary problem.
      Most doctors can feel the liver in the patient in the area you have stated, it is the spleen on the other side that is difficult to feel.
      Blood testing can show if the liver enzymes and the liver function tests are elevated.
      If the Alkaline Phosphatase are significantly elevated...this could mean that it is a biliary problem. The doctors may do a procedure known as a ERCP where they use a scope and go through the mouth/esophagus area and pass the stomach and first part of the
      intestines to where they bile ducts come down to meet the intestines. They can insert dye and look and see this area and even remove the stone, if there is one.
      However, they may do an ultrasound first or a CT scan to see if the gallbladder is full of
      stones, in which case they may do surgery to remove it.
      He should be checked to see if he has Hepatitis also, and they have special blood tests to determine this.

      A liver problem can be caused because of alcohol consumption, medication toxification, hereditary conditions, auto immune conditions, fatty liver, bacterial or viral hepatitis, biliary problems, mushroom poisoning, and other things. Even though a patient denies use, it should still be thoroughly checked out.

      If there is damage to the liver because of this, the best test to have done to determine how badly the liver is damaged is a liver biopsy. Liver problems usually start out as inflammation of the cells and can be treated to reduce this....also if the patient stops any bad habits they have that causes the liver to be under more stress, like drinking will reverse and get better. However, if the inflammation stays,
      it can lead to the death of the liver cells which is known as cirrhosis and then the only things the doctors can do is try to
      slow the lost of any cells that are left.

      There are other things that can cause jaundice and that is a blood problem....but since you mentions the stool color, it appears to be more of a biliary problem.

      I hope this information is understandable and will help you.

    What could be wrong with me ? (gone through a year of sickness)?
    when I was 13 I started being exsessivly sick (we thought I just had a stomach bug to begin with )

    I was put on a number of different pills after 3 weeks, I was being sick around 4-12 times a day, immediately after food and throughout the day , I could tense my tummy right now and it would come up !!

    I had A LOT of tests done like ...
    numerous bloods
    numourous urine
    barium meal
    2 MRI's

    it has been a year now and they have decided that I may have either Rumination syndrome or Reflux disease or something else !

    has anything like this ever happened to you/someone you know ?

    do you know what could be wrong with me ?

    • ANSWER:
      The possible diagnoses for a patient presenting with persistent nausea and/or vomiting are many and varied, but in the main may be considered under five main headings:
      Visceral disease
      Metabolic or toxic
      Central nervous system disease
      Psychiatric illness

      Visceral disease
      Reflux oesophagitis or gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD).
      Obstruction, eg due to malignancy or chronic constipation.
      Urinary tract infection.

      Drugs, eg cytotoxic agents, erythromycin, digoxin toxicity, theophylline.
      Diabetic ketoacidosis.

      Central nervous system disease
      Cyclical vomiting syndrome.
      Vestibular labyrinthitis and M ni re's disease.[3]
      Raised intracranial pressure, eg due to space-occupying lesion, intracranial bleed.

      Psychiatric disease
      Bulimia nervosa.

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