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First impressions made within seconds. How does your smile stand up?
Many folks have problems, like stained, crooked or chipped teeth that cause embarrassment. Fortunately, you can overcome this embarrassment and gain the confidence that only a beautiful smile can bring. It s important to note that our cosmetic dentistry services are not just about looks. Damaged, missing, and out of place teeth are not only unattractive they can cause other issues such as chronic biting of your lips and tongue, TMJ, neck, and shoulder pain. So if you find yourself wanting to remake your smile here s your options.

1. Crowns
2. Veneers
3. Straightening
4. Whitening

An improper bite, age, grinding of teeth, fillings, and tooth decay are all factors that lead to the wearing down, cracking, and potential breakage of teeth. We can fix these problems with a crown. Crowns replace the entire visible surface of your affected tooth. What makes crowns so incredible is their ability to add strength, durability and gum stability.

A veneer is wafer thin dental poprcelain that is placed over teeth to improve tooth aesthetics or to protect damaged areas of teeth. Veneers translucent and can mimic the look of natural teeth. This natural look gives porcelain veneers their uniqueness. Our office specializes in using porcelain veneers to give you a beautiful smile.

Very few people enjoy naturally straight teeth. In the old days, metal braces were used. These were not only unsightly they were uncomfortable and made good dental hygiene difficult. Today s orthodontics have made straight teeth a reality for nearly everyone. Ask us today about how we can help straighten your teeth.

Even those who practice good oral hygiene can suffer from stained teeth. Coffee, tea, and general wear and tear cause your teeth to discolor. Unfortunately, home teeth-whitening kits are usually good for a short-time solution but don t offer any real value. Ask us today about effective, professional alternatives that can make your smile light up a room

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