Cocaine Jail Time

Widespread cocaine abuse has been an issue for quite some time in the United States. Although the ever growing popularity of methamphetamine has somewhat overshadowed the abuse of cocaine, there continues to be a threat of cocaine addiction in virtually every state in the United States. Cocaine abuse can be found in all walks of life. Whether it is a business man or a restaurant worker, cocaine is being used for various reasons. Cocaine abusers use the drug for many reasons. Regardless of the reason, the abuser will begin to show several signs of addiction. How do you know that someone you love is hooked on cocaine?

10. When your loved one becomes addicted to cocaine, they may not be able to fulfill obligations at home, at work, or other various activities. They may feel like they need the cocaine to feel normal and participate in daily activities, such as work. Without the cocaine, they may just decide not to attend.

9. The loved one will likely be preoccupied with their effort to seek out and use cocaine. The drug abuse will become their top priority above all other things, even those which were once very important to the person. The cocaine abuse can almost seem like an obsession.

8. When the cocaine addiction progresses, your loved one will show an increase in the amount of cocaine they will need. This is known as an increase in tolerance. When the tolerance increases, and the user seeks out more cocaine, all of the other signs of addiction will get worse.

7. As the cocaine addiction progresses, your loved one may lose control in their ability to lessen or abstain from cocaine use. The cocaine addict will not be able to put down the cocaine. They will use and use until their life in shambles. A person who experiments with coke and realizes the wrong they are doing will stop, but a cocaine addict will not be able to.

6. When your loved one struggling with a cocaine addiction does not have cocaine, they will suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms to cocaine include; restless behavior, agitation, depression, fatigue, changes in appetite, bad dreams, slowed behavior.

5. As your loved one begins withdrawing from cocaine, they will not just let the symptoms run through. A cocaine addict will do anything in their power to find more cocaine and end the withdrawal symptoms.

4. Despite problems occurring as a result to the cocaine abuse, your loved one will continue to use the cocaine. This symptom can really tear a user's life apart. In some cases, a drug addict will lose their job and continue to use cocaine. Once an addiction gets to a certain point, the user loses site of the important things in their life. The drug addiction clouds all rational thoughts.

3. The addict will discontinue any activity where they are not freely able to consume cocaine. This may even include spending time with their loved ones and family.

2. When your loved one is truly hooked on cocaine, they may actually be able to quit for days, or weeks, or even months. A true addict needs professional help to quit. Watch out for a long period of abstinence from the drug, only to see the relapse onto further drug use.

1. Cocaine addiction can and will take over the person's entire life. This not only includes those things mentioned above but the individual will choose the drug over living, family, and happiness.

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