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Stamford is a town in the English county of Lincolnshire. It is around a hundred miles north of London and lies to the east of the A1 road that runs up England from south to north. The town has the honour of having a good number of notable people associated with it.

Thomas Seaton, baptised in the town of Stamford in the year 1684, was a religious writer and a Church of England Clergyman. He wrote a number of books on religious themes. These included The Divinity of Our Saviour Proved. He also wrote The Conduct of Servants in Great Families which set out how people like maids, butlers and cooks should behave.

Francis Peck, an antiquary and publisher of historic texts, was born in the year 1692 in the town of Stamford. He also went to Stamford School. His major work was the Desiderata Curiosa which is a collection of one hundred and fifty articles, many of which are biographies, wills, epitaphs and memoirs, with illustrations in the form of engravings.

Sir Malcolm Sargent, the conductor, musician and composer, was born in the year 1895, and lived in Stamford as a boy. He went on to become the leading conductor of choral works in the United Kingdom, working with all the leading orchestras, opera companies, choirs and soloists. He was a hard taskmaster who got the best out of the people he worked with.

The classical music composer Sir Michael Tippett was born in the year 1905 and went to Stamford Grammar School. During his illustrious career he composed five operas, four symphonies, and numerous other works of classical music.

The Right Reverend Cecil Northgate, a missionary bishop who lived and worked in Africa, was born in the year 1921 and was educated at Stamford School. He spent much of his life in the African country of Tanzania, where he was Bishop of Tanzania for many years.

Colin Dexter, author of the Inspector Morse novels, was born in the town of Stamford in the year 1930. He also went to Stamford School when he was a boy.

Brian Marvin, an English cricketer, was born in Stamford in the year 1958. Brian Marvin has regularly represented Bedfordshire as a cricketer since the year 1984.

James Mayhew, an illustrator and author of childrens books, was born in Stamford in the year 1964. In the year 1994 he achieved a citation in the New York Times competition for the Ten Best Illustrated Childrens Books.

Rae Earl, author of the novel My Fat Mad Teenage Diary, was born in the town of Stamford in the year 1971. Her novel is based on diary entries that she recorded in the latter years of the nineteen eighties, and describes the thoughts of a teenager living in Stamford.

Nicola Roberts of the pop group Girls Aloud was born in Stamford in the year 1985. Her band has achieved four number one hits in the United Kingdom and twenty of their singles have been in the top ten.

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