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As everybody knows, one of the most amazing things to occur in the recent history of MSN chat is the reappearance of a thing which has really been lurking for more than a decade the pasting of cool symbols for MSN in Messenger conversations.

You can find many different types of alt characters, and you don't even have to go through the problems of uploading them in your Messenger software, you can easily and simply paste them into your MSN status update, Messenger name and MSN conversation. You will absolutely make your MSN buddies go nuts by inserting the brilliant smileys into your name on Messenger and new Messenger status update message

There are loads of different types of special Windows Live Messenger emotes (look below):

Windows Live Messenger Weather emotes
You can tell people what the weather looks like around you or tell people in your chat room your ecstatic outlook or make your MSN colleagues a little happier by giving them this emoticon.
Example: - Sunny weather

Music note MSN symbols
Soothing songs calm our minds from the pointless and boring daily life. Why not enjoy your short moment with a friend by inserting some music note emoticons and tell them of yesteryear?
For example:
- Musical single bar note special characters

Smileys and faces
Have you ever seen a feeling where you copied the same character with so many colleagues? Feel bored and unimaginative about this? This is a good opportunity to use something extraordinary and exceptional.
i.e: - Smiley face symbol for WLM

Love special MSN symbols
The white heart smilies is the most amazing way to show your love for your online buddies. You will realise written statements are nothing against this smile as it is worth a million words..
EG: - Heart Messenger smile

Horoscope and astrological alt characters
Around the world, people are mad about the science of horoscopes and stars. Whether you take it at face value or not, some people always spend time taking different kinds of quiz to predict the events of their occupation, relationships and house in future days. This is the reason why horoscope smileys are always installed into their MSN status update message or Messenger name and in their MSN conversations.
Example: - Capricorn MSN icon

Fun emotes
Consider what your buddies are going to say when they see your Messenger name is made up of lots of chess characters. Maybe they will be stunned by your powers and maybe even feel envious of you? Why not just paste them and maybe they will make you feel beaming!
i.e: - King Microsoft Messenger character

Geometry and shapes symbols
Do you need to give information about a thing to a mate but dont have the correct shape? Using alt codes, you can copy lots of kinds of shapes. These can assist you when you must talk about shapes for your online colleagues.
Eg: - triangle smile

You've probably noticed people writing in their MSN status message by utilizing some special smileys, and now you can also! Have fun with these special cool symbols for MSN!

drug detection flowchart symbols