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Query Letter Writing Advice

For novice screenwriters something that should be considered when soliciting scripts is a query letter.

But many times because of really straightforward errors, the query letters go directly to the trash. And even the querry letters that get examined are generally passed on simply because of how the letter is crafted. With some really simple tweaks to how you are approaching the letter and how you craft it, you can get your script examined and hopefully seen by someone important!

Have a finished script before submitting

A lot of you will think that this is obvious. But we get emails all the time that say they will have a script in the following six months. Or they have an outline we have to read right away. Do not send out query letters unless you have a polished ready to go script. You only get one possibility to wow us so make certain its your finest shot.

Get a professional to study the letter

Executives get hundreds of unsolicited query emails and most go directly to the trash for a number of factors. First, there are legal issues if for some reason we end up producing a movie that is comparable to yours. If some thing even looks like a letter and we don't know who it came from, it goes right to the trash.

But if somebody we like and trust provides us the letter, we will really study and take into account because A.) we want to do good for our friend and B.) we assume that this recommendation signifies something and the concept could potentially be agreat one.

Know Your Reader

Don't just submit your letter to every shop in town. I know it was tough enough to just find someone to go through your letter but make sure you have one thing they want. Study the trades and track what sort of projects the companies make so that you aren't submitting your horror film to a organization that does mainly comedies. When we get emails like this, it feels sloppy and lazy.

Focus on a Few Areas

You should not send your submission to everyone. Pick a maximum of ten businesses to submit to-preferrably five-and give the correspondence all your attention. By only focusing on a few submissions, you will be capable to individually craft emails that tackle your information of the business.

You will have much more time to do thorough investigation on these companies and your targeted emails will reflect that you set some time and work into your submission. You will also be able to invest much more time on the contents of the letter than just trying to get out as many as you can.

By following these fundamental strategies you will be one step ahead of the field. And in this town, you will need every advantage you can get.

If you apply these tips and strategies and make an effort to take the time to fix up your script your chances of succeeding in this town is much greater. So don't cut any corners, do your research, and keep pounding the pavement. Success will come to you eventually.

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