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Is a perfect human being and God, a perfect expression and manifestation. As a human being, He lived 2000 years ago, walking the streets of Palestine.

What is He to us now?

The Logos Christ, means, Logos, which is the Word, and Christ, which comes from the Greek word Christos, means the anointed. DoesJesus Christlive and exist now, or is He a historic person?

What is Christ, the anointed one, the Logos, what can It be?

According to John the Evangelist,Jesus Christ ...is the light which lighteth every man coming to the world. This means, He gives us self-consciousness. We as self-conscious beings, have within us the Logos. Christ is the real Self of all humans.

What didJesus Christsay about us Christians? Be ye perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.

We must thank the Absolute Beingness, God, for granting us the authority to use the mind. The mind is not a handful of earth, like the brain in our head. If we use the mind in the same way asJesus Christdid, we will all demonstrate what He did. However, in order to attain this, a lot of careful training is required. The mind that was in Christ was the mind of God. Therefore, we know that we must be perfect, as the Father in heaven is perfect.

This achievement seems almost superhuman, and so it is. The human aspect must be placed aside, and the divine aspect must be established in its place. Humans are transient and fallible, but the divine is permanent and infallible.
Jesus Christ is the consciousness within us that we are "Sons of God
(Luke 2:40-52).

It is the Absolute Beingness, God, expressing Itself dynamically.

The Christ Logos is life. Christ said, I am the Way, the Truth and Life. The Holy Spirit is life; the life-giver. What do we mean by life-giver? To whom and to what does the Holy Spirit give life to?

We, as human beings are life. The Holy Spirit, the Christ Logos and our Creator the Father, give life to the form, to our material, psychical and noetical bodies.

Christ also said, Know the Truth and the Truth will liberate you. Liberate us from what? From ignorance. We must accept the Truth of our being, and then through understanding to begin diligently, to live truthfully in thought, word and deed.

In observation, ask yourselves, who is concentrating and trying to know?
Then you hear within you the word I.

The light, which lighteth every human being, coming into the world, leads us to the conclusion that we are a personality, a thinker.

Using the God-mind means to know that I am I.

When you know what is this I, the ego, the I-ness, then you will find that you are God.

In our Present-Day-Personality, as a man or a woman, we have some energy forces, which we can call animal energies, that keep us slaves of our desire, emotions and so on.

When the I-ness takes charge of the body, o new order of things is inaugurated. The vitality is no longer wasted in mere sense of gratification. Through high and pure vibrations, the consciousness is raised to higher standards. Blessed is he who cometh in the name of the Lord. The Lord is the highest ruling principle of Man.

Jesus Christpassed through all the trials, temptations, and mental variations of each one of us, yet without sin, which means not falling into the dominion of evil thoughts. Therefore, this is possible for Man too.

Many ask, DidJesus Christleave us, Will He become visible again?

Many are conscious of His presence in the same degree, but they do not see Him as He is, because they have not brought their faculties of apprehension up to His standards. When we awake in His likeness, then we shall see Him as He really is.

This does not come about through the soul leaving the body, but it is accomplished by refining, spiritualizing and raising both soul and body to higher degrees of power.

Christ exists in a realm, where the limitations of form are dissolved. He lives in the body idea. When we have identified ourselves with the Father as Christ did, we shall see Him face to face in His spiritual reality. But while we are in the consciousness of the physical body, Christ will appear to us in the form that we see.

If the mind has grasped the capacity and power of spiritual ideas, then the appearance ofJesus Christwill be understood.

For us Christians, the only religion is Truth-Life! by: Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis [Daskalos].

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