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To make the recently introduced user friendly GRE Revised General Test more Test taker friendly, Educational Testing Service (ETS), the official administrator of GRE, is introducing the Score Select option. The Score Select option makes it possible for the Test takers to choose the GRE Test score, which they feel is their personal best, to be sent to the institutions. The Score Select option will be introduced from July 2012.

Sometimes to better their scores, the GRE Test takers may take the Test more than one time. With Score Select option, the test takers can take the test without the fear of performing worse than the earlier occasion and end up sending a poorer score card to the institutions. They will now have the option of choosing the best score card to be forwarded. "The ScoreSelect option focuses on helping test takers succeed on the road to an advanced degree because they can approach test day with more confidence," says James Wimbush, Dean of the University Graduate School and Professor of Business Administration, Indiana University

Test takers can now select from several options. As per ETS, the new options available from July 2012 will be as follows:

On test day, when viewing their scores at the test center, they can select the:

ScoreSelect Most Recent option Send their scores from their current test administration (FREE).
ScoreSelect All option Send their scores from all administrations in the last 5 years (FREE).

Test takers can decide which option to use for each of their 4 FREE score reports.

After test day, test takers can send Additional Score Reports for a fee and select:

ScoreSelect Most Recent option Send their scores from their most recent test administration.
ScoreSelect All option Send their scores from all administrations in the last 5 years.
ScoreSelect Any option Send their scores from one OR many test administrations in the last 5 years.

The new Score Select option will be applicable to GRE Revised General Test as well as to GRE Subject Tests.

From August 2011, Educational Testing Service (ETS), the organizer of GRE Test, introduced the GRE Revised General Test which replaced the GRE General Test being conducted earlier. The GRE Revised General Test is test-taker friendly and has new questions and more closely reflects the kind of thinking needed in graduate or business school and demonstrates that Test takers are ready for graduate-level work. The main feature of the new GRE Test is that it has done away with some typical Verbal vocabulary portions. The number of GRE takers has been increasing continuously for last several years and reached a record level of more than 800,000 in 2011. Many Business schools including some top B-Schools such as Stanford Graduate Business School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT Sloan), Michigan Ross School of Business, IE Business School Spain etc. have also started accepting GRE Score for their MBA Courses, resulting in increase in importance of GRE.

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