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How To Get Credit Counselor Jobs

The work of a credit counselor is to help people whose debt
is beyond their ability to pay. With an unstable economy,
there are many people who have had a negative impact on
their livelihood. Further more, our economy is now heavily
leveraged on debt. Therefore, more people are getting into
debt crisis due to mismanagement of debt. This is creating
many credit counseling jobs.

A credit counselor solves the debts of people in a debt
crisis by employing various debt solution techniques. Some
of these techniques include consolidation of debt whereby an
individuals short term debts are paid off by a low interest
long term loan with better repayment terms. They can also
recommend debt settlement. In debt settlement, the credit
counselor with the help of a debt negotiator negotiate for a
reduction in the amount of their clients debt. Another
technique that a credit counselor uses is to help an
individual apply for bankruptcy under chapter thirteen of
the Bankruptcy Act. Apart from employing debt solution
techniques, a credit counselor also gives their client
advice on how to manage their debts and avoid debt crisis.

To be a qualified debt counselor, you must be trained and
examined by the National Association of Certified Credit
Counselors. You can enroll on their website and take an
e-learning course and an online examination through the same
website. Besides getting this certification, you will need
an accounting, finance or business related training.

Once you have passed all the relevant training courses, you
will need to apply for a practicing license from the Credit
Counselor Association. You will also need to get a credit
counselor professional bond from your local authority.

Credit counselors usually work for banks, government, non
profit institutions and other debt related organization. The
job opportunities for credit counselor are available
throughout the country and you can easily find a job near

Once you have acquired all the requirements for a credit
counselor, you can seek out for a credit counselor job. Have
a detailed resume professionally outlining your skill set
and any past relevant job experience. Include all
information you may consider relevant for the job such as
fluency in foreign languages.

There are many credit counseling jobs on offer. You can
apply for a job through job bureaus available on the
Internet or through local media advertisements. There are a
variety of ways to learn about credit counseling so if one
does not work try another.

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