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Beta testing is another software testing phase; beta testing is conducted specifically for external testing. This software testing phase highlights the performance issues and bugs before the release of the software. For beta testing, two methods are used open and close. In close beta testing the number of user is taking part in the test is managed. In open testing anyone who is interested in testing can participate.
Beta testing is important for software development, because it is indispensable for developers to develop software keeping in mind all possibilities that can become the cause of software glitch. Without beta testing software can never be ready for its launch. Beta testing is crucial from developing perspective of software.
Sources for Beta testing:
Sources for beta testing needs to be generated, these are the beta testers who can determine the bug and errors before the release of software. To conduct beta testing, availability of testers is very important. For beta testing, testers are the common user. It is very artful to convince people to use buggy software.
User can prove best testers as they know the functions of specific features of particular software. Convincing the user is a big task, for this purpose, many incentives are offered like
Free register version of software
Reward on finding bugs
Special discount offer
Communication is essential among beta testers, an open channel of communication is essential for conducting beta testing. For this purpose full correspondence is required. A forum should be created so that testers can ask any questions, and updated files should be posted over there. Details should be provided about software to existing users, if it is going to be updated. Is there a drop dead date, which will prevent testers from using the software for an extended period? Be upfront about these issues so that testers know very well what they are going to test.
If you are looking for beta testing services, I will recommend you to consult with some software testing company. There are many companies out there offering software testing services. Beta testing is important for Software Performance Testingbecause all of the results provided by performance testing are approved by beta testers. Software automation testing can never be proving useful until beta testing process is not conducted. Beta testers are specially required for Mobile Application Testing, because it is the product that is directly influenced by end user.

mobile drug testing round rock