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There are several things to consider when determining a color scheme for your pearl beads. For example, is the color scheme seasonally appropriate? Do some research to determine what the new "it" color is for the season. Also, the purpose the beads will serve will need to be considered. Are they meant to add "pop," or will they be more effective in a subdued shade, meant only to balance out an outfit. Lastly, if the beads are multicolored, do the colors complement, or fight with each other?

Seasonally Appropriate

There are any number of website and periodicals available that state what a given season's "it" color is. Aside from this, the general rules are as follows:

Fall- earthy, neutral tones

Winter-winter whites, blues, darker jewel tones, and true reds


Summer-bright vibrant shades of pink, orange, and green

Remember, these are guidelines only. If the color scheme works with the outfit, there are no fashion police that will haul you way if the color is not traditionally appropriate for the season.

Purpose to Serve

Accessories, as with any part of an outfit, have a purpose to serve. To determine what the purpose of the pearl beads are with a particular outfit, try to figure out what is added to the outfit by adding them. If it simply makes the outfit feel more complete, then they are needed to balance the ensemble in some way. If, however, the outfit is bland without it, the beads are needed to add pop. The purpose really does make a difference in the color scheme needed. Neutral colors in solid or varying shades of the same color can balance an outfit nicely. For "pop," look to bright, unusual colors that may not be expected, but still compliment the outfit and add interest.

Do the Colors Work For or Against Each Other?

If going for multi-colored beads, consider if the colors work well together. This is very important. If they make you feel happy and calm, or beautiful, they probably work together. If they are hard to look at, or just make you feel anxious, they are probably working against each other. This can be the case with varying shades of colors as well. Some shades of pink and green my work fabulously together, while others may not.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a color scheme for pearl beads is how it makes you feel. Do you feel beautiful wearing the beads in these colors? Do you feel pulled together, or do you feel haphazard and thrown together. Emotions can be sparked visually, and if you do not feel positive when you view the color scheme, it is probably not quite right. Consider these questions when picking a color scheme for your pearl beads to add to any outfit, and the colors will very likely be fabulous.

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