How Long Does It Take To Get Drug Screening Results

Is jelqing worthwhile? Is it a viable and valuable tool or technique for improving penis size? Are there any negatives to learning to jelq? How long does it take to get results? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at jelqing for GREAT gains in penis size, and cover what you must RESIST doing as well, even though you'll be tempted. (at least for 30 days..:-)

Okay... but is jelqing even worth trying? Why start?

Great question! The truth is, everyone is skeptical about penis enlargement products and programs. Why? Because there has been such an overwhelming amount of high hype, low value offers and promises that even natural exercises like the jelq cause people to become skeptical.

The truth is though, that millions of men, quite literally... across many cultures, continents and even centuries of human history have used jelqing, or more modern adaptations of it, to dramatically improve both size, and self esteem.

What is the DOWNSIDE to beginning a jelqing practice?

Truthfully? Time... pure and simple. Most men simply don't put in the amount of time and effort to get the sort of sensational size they crave. The fact is, you ONLY need to invest about 10 minutes a day to get great results. The key is of course, you've got to be willing to be CONSISTENT, and stick with the program for a month or two, to really see the sorts of dramatic anatomical improvements we've all seen and heard about from PE exercise.

What should you AVOID for the first 30 days?

Believe it or not, OVER "doing" it. Many men will try to jelq two times a day, rather than one... and will incorporate all sorts of extra exercises that I believe detract, rather than speed up, your results.

My recommendation? Simply stick with a simple, straightforward and PROVEN plan of action. 7-10 minutes a day of this one exercise works wonderfully well... and then in month 2 or 3, you can start adding in additional techniques as well.

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how long does it take to get drug screening results