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Has this ever happened to you; you have a busy day and all day long you keep thinking about how good your bed will feel. Finally the time comes when the kids are asleep, the dishes are done and it is time for you to hit the sack. You curl up and close your eyes waiting for sleep to come and it never does. Or you curl up and find that your mind is working overdrive and you cannot stop thinking about your to do list. How about if you have no problem falling asleep, but you can never stay asleep. If this is a regular pattern for you, you may be suffering from insomnia.

Insomnia can cause problems and not just at night. Some side effects of insomnia are daytime problems like tiredness, irritability, lack of energy and lack of concentrating. Insomnia can increase your risk of suffering from depression and other health risks. Insomnia can also cause accidents. There are many things one can do to naturally try and fix their insomnia. For starters avoiding caffeine at night is a huge step in getting a good nights sleep. That means cutting out any coffee, soda and even certain foods like chocolate. You also want to make sure you try to go bed the same time for most of the week. Another trick is exercise but make sure you exercise at least 3-4 hours before you go to sleep or else you might be too pumped up to sleep. If none of this helps may need to see your doctor. Your doctor may prescribe Ambien.

Ambien is a sleep aid that works like none of the others sleep aid. Ambien is designed to not only help you fall asleep fast usually 15-30 minutes after taking it, but also helps you stay asleep. Ambien works with one of the major neurotransmitters in your brain called GABA. Studies have shown that Ambien will target a specific area of the GABA receptor which is said to reduce electrical activity in certain brain cells.

Taking a sleep aid might be a little scary to you, especially if you are not fully informed on all the side effects, All sleep aids have some side effects such as next day drowsiness, possible dizziness, and some headaches. Ambien is no different. Not all people though experience the side effects. Some can take sleep aids like Ambien and not feel a thing the next thing. A good idea to do when you start taking Ambien is to begin it on a night when you have nothing major to do the next day. This way if you do suffer from any one of the side effects, you do not have to worry about doing anything that requires your complete attention.

Ambien is not meant to be taken for a long time. Most doctors will tell you to take if for seven to ten days. Do not take Ambien for longer than your doctor has told you to because if can be habit forming.

Getting a good nights sleep is so important for you and your well being. If you have problems either falling asleep or staying asleep talk to your doctor to see if you could benefit from Ambien.

online how long are prescription drugs good