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Hair transplant is the latest method of cosmetic surgery to get rid of hair loss and baldness. It is the process of hair restoration on those areas of scalp and body where there is less or no hair. It can be done through grafting that is to remove hair follicles with a strip technically known as follicular unit transplant. Another transplant method is also available that extracts follicles individually and transfer them to hairless areas of the body or scalp. This treatment is accessible all over the world including Pakistan. In Pakistan, this treatment can be found in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan and Quetta. Now it is wide spreading to small cities of all four provinces. Due to its rapid availability hair transplant cost Pakistan is decreasing day by day.
Within the last few years this emerging technology has reached Pakistan otherwise bald patients need to travel abroad to get their treatment. Hair transplant cost in Pakistan depends upon the number of grafts needed and required by a patient. Average cost of follicular unit transplant graft ranges from thirty five to fifty Pakistani rupees. Follicular unit extraction is twice as expensive as traditional graft method. Its average cost ranges from eighty to one hundred and fifty Pakistani rupees. An average transplant clinic or hospital in Pakistan charges eighty thousand Pakistani rupees for three thousand grafts. Overall cost of transplant surgery through FUT ranges between eighty five thousand to one hundred and fifty thousand Pakistani rupees. In case of graft repairing, they charge eight Pakistani rupees per graft. Many clinics offer concession packages on transplanting three thousand grafts or more.
It is better not to bargain with your surgeon or dermatologist on hair transplant cost Pakistan if you want good quality results. There are some clinics in Pakistan that are charging thirty five thousand Pakistani rupees for three thousand grafts. Beware from such clinics and hospitals because they are usually run by inexpert, unprofessional and unethical surgeons or physicians. People can end up wasting their money or graft failure by getting treatment from such clinics. Due to a very few expert transplant surgeon and complexity involved in surgery, it is advised not to bargain on treatment.
Hair transplant cost Pakistan is cheaper as compared to other countries. In the United States, average cost of transplantation ranges from eight thousand dollar to fifteen thousand dollar. Average rate of a single FUT graft is three dollars. In Pakistan, high skills, foreign educated and experienced surgeons are available for treatment same like the United States. Hygienic and cleanliness conditions of transplant clinics are also similar to those in the United States. All required facilities are available to patients. Well mannered and expert staff is there to take care of patients. People from different parts of world are coming to Pakistan to get transplant treatment on a low cost. Medical tourism has made it easy and it is estimated that half of the patients transplanted in Pakistan are foreigners.

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