Drug Detection Times Blood In Saliva Upon Waking

Did you know that this is actually a result of poor blood circulation, which is most commonly a result of a bad diet or lack of physical activity?

While running and jogging certainly hold the 1st spot, there are many activities for boosting your cardiovascular system, such as swimming, fast-pace walking, aerobics, etc.

Jogging, combined with a carefully structured diet can do wonders for your cardio system, in addition to giving you a healthy, vibrant glow.

It makes your heart pump faster, and therefore exercises your heart muscle, which results in strengthening of the heart itself. That's right, heart too is a muscle, and you can exercise it just like any other muscle in your body and get it in shape!

What exactly happens when you're jogging?

1. Your arteries expand, thus lowering your blood pressure

Your arteries are like small elastic channels, constantly being circulated through by your blood. By expanding your arteries, you lower your blood pressure and your arteries remain healthy. On the other hand, lack of cardiovascular exercise has an opposite effect on your arteries - they shrink, making it harder for blood to flow through, resulting in an increase of the overall blood pressure.
You hear that? It's time to stop reading articles like these, and hit the road!

2. Jogging exercises your heart more efficiently than most other cardio workouts

When you jog, your legs are constantly demanding blood circulation so it can get the required nutrients, including oxygen, for it's optimal performance. This is why your heart has to do a damn lot of work to keep sending the blood around your body, which in return builds the heart muscle strong.

3. Your lungs are working at their highest potential

Since jogging is an aerobic exercise (we already learned the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise), your body constantly requires oxygen. Oxygen is transported throughout your body by your heart and your vessels. But did oxygen get there in the first place? Aha- through your lungs! That's right, your lungs are doing an incredible job while you're jogging. They're constantly extracting and retracting, stretching and closing.

This is how your body regains its power, vitality, strength and stamina. As a result, you get fitter, healthier and leaner.

You should really go and check out entire jogging benefits for your health, + you get a free guide on how to start!

Have a nice day and remember to take care of your body!

drug detection times blood in saliva upon waking