Serbian Drunk Driver Alcohol Test Fail

If you are pulled over under suspicion of drunk driving, the police officer will subject you to various sobriety tests. If the officer determines that you have exceeded the legal blood alcohol limit in your state, you will be arrested.

Once taken to jail a bail will be set and you will remain there until someone posts bond for you. You will also be required to appear in front of a judge. Drunk driving is a very serious crime that comes with harsh consequences. You will definitely need legal counsel and an experienced attorney is recommended. DWI/DUI can be very complicated and no two cases are alike.

The penalties for DUI/DWI convictions are very different depending on which state you are charged and convicted in. You should expect hefty fines, a suspended or restricted license, a court-ordered DUI/DWI education course (the expense for the class will come out of your pocket), probation, possible imprisonment, possible community service, and possible vehicle impoundment. Additionally, it is possible that you may be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on your car (also at your expense).

An ignition interlock device makes it impossible to start your car until you blow into the analyzer. If your blood alcohol content exceeds the limit, the car simply will not start. Some try to have someone else blow in the analyzer for them to get around the safety system. However, the device checks your breath repeatedly, roughly every 15 minutes, to avoid the potential for misuse.

The implications of drinking while intoxicated are really endless and will likely interfere with many aspects of your life. You should expect that your insurance rates will increase, you very well could end up with a restricted or suspended license, and you likely will not be a candidate for any job that requires driving as a result of a drunk driving conviction.

If you ve been charged with drunk driving, you should seek the advice of qualified DUI attorneys. Skilled criminal attorneys can help obtain the most favorable outcome in your case. If you are on probation, speak with probation violation lawyers for information on how to proceed.

serbian drunk driver alcohol test fail