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2013 NASAR Regional Canine Workshop

May 1-5
Flagstaff, Arizona

The workshop will include two 8-hour field classes for Area/Air Scent and HRD.
See the National Certifications
that will be offered.

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The 2014 K9 conference will be also be held in Flagstaff. I'll post information here when available.

AZ SARCON: Instructors and Handlers Introduce Themselves and the Dogs

...at the beginning of the area search beginner/intermediate field session


Each handler told us how long they'd be training with his or her dog, what type of alert that dog does, and the reward given to the dog after a find. Handlers also shared what level they believed they and their dogs were at and what types of things they were hoping to learn and improve upon.

K9 Search and Rescue

Search & Rescue Dogs Came in All Shapes & Sizes

Search and Rescue Dog

K9 Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue Dog

Search and Rescue Dog

Search and Rescue Dog

Search and Rescue Dog

This Search & Rescue Dog is Ready to Roll!

Talk about motivation....

Search and Rescue Dog

Ready, Set ... Find!

Watch this short video of this excited search dog, waiting not-so-patiently to go find the "missing" subject. As soon as his handler lets go, he's off like a shot, only to find TWO subjects, one of whom just happened to be in the vicinity. A bonus human!
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SAR Dogs Receive Their Well-Earned Rewards

From tug-of-war with a favorite toy to fetch, treats, and lots of love

Search and Rescue Dog

Some tug-of-war fun after a job well done....

Search and Rescue Dog

This Dog Works For Lots of Love

While some prefer toys or tasty treats, this little girl wants pats and rubs and some rolling around on the ground....

Watch the instructor showing the handler how to REALLY get into the reward. (Unfortunately, I missed the beginning, when the instructor was giving over-the-top praise and love to this sweet little search dog. It was really funny!)
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Instructors Worked One-on-One with Participants

... as well as with groups

Search and Rescue Dog

Instructors Develop a Quick Rapport

...with both the K9s and their handlers

Search and Rescue Dog

Search and Rescue Dog

Tracking/Trailing Field Work

A handler shows her dog the scent article, then the dog follows the track of that scent to the subject....

Search and Rescue Dog

Some of the "problems" the dogs were presented with were straight-forward and short, while other times they were longer and more challenging, including one track that crossed over itself like the shape of a "P." At times, a distraction was introduced, like a big piece of chicken, which some of the dogs went to check out but quickly moved on, while others ignored it completely.

Area Search Field Work with Air-Scenting Search & Rescue Dogs

This dog has found someone (me), then quickly returns to his handler to let her know....

Search and Rescue Dog

Area (air-scent) search dogs do a find and re-find, where they locate a subject, run back to alert their handler, then lead the handler to the one they've found, sometimes running back and forth several times in the process.

Each dog has its own alert, ranging from jumping on the handler to a bark, a sit, a nose touch, and so forth.

The SAR Dog Shows "Mom" The Way to the One He's Found

Search and Rescue Dog

Types of Search and Rescue K9s

The way they work

Tracking Dogs - Tracking SAR dogs work from a scent article which has the subject's smell on it. The scent article might be an item the subject touched, a piece of clothing, a toothbrush, a pillow case, and so forth. The search dog picks up the subject's scent from that article and uses it to find the path the subject took. Tracking dogs work in a harness on a 30 to 50-foot lead, leading the handler directly to the subject by following that person's exact footsteps.

Trailing Dogs - Trailing dogs work in a similar way totracking dogs. A scent article is used so the dog can pick up the subject's scent and find and follow the trail. With trailing dogs, however, the dog may divert from the person's actual track by several feet, cutting corners and using the wind to its advantage. Trailing dogs generally work in a harness with a 20 to 30-foot lead.

Air Scent Dogs - Unlike tracking and trailing dogs, air scent dogs work off lead, ranging back and forth in an area to pick up the subject's scentt. Ranging often takes the dog out of the handler's sight for several minutes, so the handler needs to trust the dog and listen for an alert. Once the dog picks up the subject's scent, he or she will move in to its source and then must "alert." This alert might be barking while staying with the subject or done by returning to the handler and somehow conveying to that person, "Follow me!" The dog then leads the handler to the subject.

Want To Learn More About Search & Rescue Dogs?

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