Alcohol Test Walk Straight Line

Just as any driver needs to be able to "toe" or walk a straight line if pulled over for suspicion of drinking and driving, it is also crucial that your vehicle have a proper car alignment. This is not only true to ensure the proper care of your tires, but more importantly, the safety of your passengers.

If you're wondering whether your car needs a wheel alignment, first look at your tires. Uneven tire wear -- often, more wear showing on the outside -- is a main indicator that a car alignment is necessary. Here are a few more indicators:

* Vehicle drifts, even when steering straight.
* Steering wheel vibrates more than normal
* Steering wheel isn't centered, even when driving straight.

It's a good idea to check your vehicle's owner's manual to see what the manufacturer recommends for alignment service intervals if it's been a while since your last car alignment service.

A vehicle out-of-alignment is a very common occurrence with everyday driving. The term alignment doesn't really refer to your car's wheels but rather to the suspension. As normal wear and tear takes its toll on your vehicle, your car's suspension may become worn. Even a small accident or bumping a curb can disrupt your suspension, which results in some of the highly calibrated components becoming off-kilter, causing your wheels to sit at improper angles. A proper car alignment restores these angles to their correct tolerances, making sure that your wheels are positioned straight.

The most visible benefit of a wheel alignment is less tire wear which is evenly dispersed across the tread, plus ensuring that your car drives straight and handles properly, making your ride safer. You'll also get better gas mileage because your tires will be properly aligned with the road, decreasing their resistance.

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alcohol test walk straight line