Drug Therapy In Kidney Disease

Using Stem Cell Transplant Therapy to Treat kidney disease.in order to respond to the national 863 Stem Cell Research Program , an international advanced modern Stem Cell Research & Treatment Centre has been set up in Shijiazhuang city, Hebei province, China, which is the first and the only base in China at present to carry out stem cell transplant research and treatment. In this center, a number of excellent Stem Cell Transplant professionals are gathered here.Key points of the therapy principle: The two methods of the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmoherapy and the Stem Cells Transplant in our hospital we used is to repair the damaged kidney cells. Put the two together they can play their own strengths. On one hand, the undifferentiated stem cells through inducing and culturing, can directly repair the damaged cells. On the other hand, the active substances of Micro-Chinese Medicine can penetrate to lesions directly, which can not only repair renal cells progressively, but also play functions of vasodilator, anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulant, and degradation. It creates a good growing and repairing environment for the stem cells.

drug therapy in kidney disease