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GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test is a standardized computer based test .This test evaluates the abilities of business administration graduates and is a primary admission criterion for reputed business schools. The GMAT is recognized in the United States as well as other English speaking countries. There are a lot of coaching intuitions that assist students with GMAT test preparation. It is highly recommended that students gain a clear understanding of the contents of this exam before taking it. The GMAT exam is structured around three major sections: Analytical Writing Assessment section, Quantitative section and Verbal section.

  1. Analytical writing Assessment section: The GMAT commences with this section. The analytical writing section requires candidates to submit two essays. Each of the essays is rated on a scale of 0 to 6.The AWA tests two unique writing skills: Analysis of an issue and analysis of an argument. The time allotted to each of these is 30 minutes.
  2. Quantitative section: The quantitative section is scored on a scale of 0-60 points and has 37 multiple choice questions. The 37 questions are broadly divides into 2 categories: Data sufficiency and problem solving. There are approximately 24 questions on Problem Solving and 13 questions on Data Sufficiency. Candidates are allotted a total of 75 minutes to complete the entire section.
  3. Verbal section: The verbal section consists of 41 multiple choice questions and is scored on a scale of 0-60 points. Candidates are allotted a total of 75 minutes to complete the entire section. The 41 questions are categorized into three types: reading comprehension, critical reasoning and sentence correction. There are approximately 41 questions on reading comprehension, 14 questions on critical reading and 13 questions on sentence correction. There are maximum 75 minutes available to complete the entire verbal section.

It is highly recommended that students enroll themselves in a GMAT coaching institute in order to increase their confidence and awareness of the mechanics of this exam. GMAT test preparation courses increase your level of discipline by teaching you to adhere to a fixed schedule. There is also a lot of interaction and sharing of ideas with other students. Another recommended study tip is to expose yourself to practice tests. These practice tests teach Students the important time management and answering skills. Employing the help of a tutor also serves as a great help for students who find it hard to study on their own.

Many students find the syllabi quite intimidating and this affects their performance. Adequate practice and dedication can help students gain a better understanding of complex topics.

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