Drug Detection Laboratories Of Democracy

Democracy is a term that has often been misused in our nation, says Suresh Nanda. But the fact is that democracy is synonymous with maintaining a garden where slight carelessness in the nurturing process can have an adverse effect on the entire appearance of the garden. Thus, democracy should be considered as serious and must be applied appropriately for betterment of the country.

Suresh Nanda adds that being an Indian, each one of us should acknowledge and sincerely respect the sacrifices of our legendary leaders like Mahatma Gandhi Ji, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and Bhagat Singh, to name a few, who shed their blood and sweat to make us withstand all challenges and emerge as one of the fastest developing countries when compared to other nations under the same banner. This has enabled us to be focused in working toward our goals, in the right direction.

One of the chief strengths of democracy is that we can defend our rights in case of any disparities. Even if we feel that we have made the right decision, there might be others who have their own opinions so, instead of being a control freak, we must grant them this freedom to share their point of view in diversified matters in order to foresee a progressed futuristic tomorrow.

This only lies at the root of democracy that we allow opposing views as well. It will undeniably strengthen our thought process because meanwhile, by advocating democracy, we will be listening to those who think in a dissimilar way, proactively.

At any point in time, if we begin to censure others, we would end up becoming non-democratic and that would mark the beginning of the end of true democracy, says Suresh Nanda. So, instead of submissively agreeing to something that goes beyond the wellness of the nation, one should always stand up and raise their voice when and wherever it's necessary. Merely sitting and thinking that an individualized action would not be able to help a nation, in any which way, is a sign of being a coward, which would undeniably be the last thing that you could ever wish for.

Conclusively, it is best that we stop fantasying a Utopian world where an inspirational-muse would conveniently fly over us, endowing us with both the knowledge and anticipation required to know how things should progress. This attitude won't help an individual or nation and hence, each one of us need to take a stand, be proactive and advocate honesty to be embedded at the core of all our actions if we want to live in a country that is progressive and responsible.

drug detection laboratories of democracy