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Database Testing

Storing, organizing and retrieving data has been an Achilles heel in the good old days when computing and software testing service were in their nascent stages. Today databases are the best way to organize the data and to do much more. Data mining, Data Marts and Data Vaults are using databases in exclusive ways. Companies are churning out different versions of database engines regularly. In this way, software testing service overall is undergoing improvement.

One of the problems of software testing service that comes with advanced database usage is the problem of data validation along with integrity. To test the database, companies do manual software testing itself or outsource it to companies who do independent database testing.

Database testing technically is the process of testing of procedures, triggers, functions, indexes and field size of data to check the validity and integrity of data stored. For any company offering comprehensive software testing service, database testing is very important. It includes two types of testing; Data Validity Testing and Data Integrity testing. The person performing the database testing has an in depth knowledge about relational database design fundamentals, SQL fundamentals and possesses ample knowledge about RDBMS administration.

Database Testing Procedure

Database testing, an integral part in software testing service is divided into two steps, Database Initialization and Data Verification.

Database Initialization is the first step which requires one to populate the database with known data sets. It is done to make sure that the tests will be carried out in a correct & systematic manner. The most common practice to go with this is to reconstruct the database for every test run.

Data Verification is as important in software testing service as Database Initialization is. It is done to verify the structure and the actual content of a database. After a databases conversion from one type to another, ensuring structural integrity is important. For this, the converted data is verified against the pre-converted database.

Some tests that are non-data related but important for software testing service like Performance testing, Security testing and Fail-over testing are done to check if the database can withstand real life usage.

Database Testing Approach

Any software testing service must be prudent to perform a successful database test and for that a self-sufficient test set, capable to create the data it requires, is needed. Testing process can be cut down by having database in a known state before running the test. It can be further made easier by having a separate unit test database. The test cases should be designed in such a way that the tester can start with the database in the first state and then carry on the test from that state onwards.

Database Testing Service at QA InfoTech

We at QA InfoTech, specialized in software testing service comprehend the importance of database testing setup and execution. This also includes testing the front end that inserts data into a database. Tracing that transaction from the front end to the database is a very essential testing process.

Our team of dedicated software testing service experts and skilled database testers provide the best database testing services with the knowledge of almost every kind of database testing tool. Testing includes referential integrity of a database, assuring database security along with database permissions and privileges, testing the interfaces to the database such as GUIs/Java/web services, testing of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), data-format integrity testing and database and data mart load testing. Such testing includes specific tools for software testing service.

The main aim of our database and software testing services is to provide our global clients with manual software testing solutions with the required quality and excellence along with all the advantages of unbiased outsourced testing services. We make sure to deliver software testing solutions in requisite time frame, keeping in mind the importance of cost effectiveness to keep our clients satisfied and contented.

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