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Do you know how to interview candidates?

I'm not so sure most people do. Here is a typical comment from a candidate about their interview experience

"Some interviewers are not just serious enough abut the process. They sometimes ask irrelevant questions as if to get you off the list. I have applied many times and I know my CV is very impressive but somehow I am not invited and when I get invited, I am not impressed by the interview panels. I always think panel interviews should be prepared enough to ask the right questions so as to identify the right candidates!"

"Having got the interview - not an easy task - you find that the interviewers have absolutely no training in interview techniques and have little clue as to how to conduct an interview.
The results are selection of candidates on a basis which is no better than random choice. That is they could save time and money by picking people using the pin in the paper technique."

Knowing how to interview is critical to your success and to the success of your business. Candidates want you to know what you are doing. Candidates deserve to deal with competent and trained interviewers.

Psychometric testing should be present as part of your interview process and you should know how to use it.

Depending on the reports you use, a personality report will enable you to ask intelligent questions. Use psychometric testing to guide your interviews.

Remember it's not you against them. This is to be a meeting of minds. You are acting in the interests of both parties, not just your own. it is up to you as the interviewer to find a win:win scenario.
Personality testing will tell you the most revealing things
So what will personality testing tell you about a candidate? Well pretty much anything as most things are affected by our personality.

Communications is a common one as it is important in most jobs. You need to know what the natural communication style is of your candidate and you need to judge if this is in keeping with what the role requires.

Communication is not as simple as good communicator / bad communicator. It is much more complex that that.

Management style is another thing that you may want to know about if you are hiring someone for a management position. You need to know what kind of manager you are looking for. Do you want someone similar to the previous manager or perhaps you want to change things up a bit? Personality testing will tell you about their management style.

Either way you run a risk. Your decision will not only affect the individual you hire but all of your existing employees that will have to report to them.
Can candidates cheat a psychometric test?
It's almost impossible for a candidate to cheat a psychometric test to their advantage.

Of course they can give false answers, as they can with their applications form and CV but this is not the same as being able to skew it to their advantage.

Employers get too worked up about this aspect of things and yet will happily read hundreds of CVs with little questioning of it.

Of all the devices you will use, the personality test is the most robust and most useful. Make sure you know how to interview using one.

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