Employee Handbook Drug Testing Policy

For small business owners that have worked hard to get their company up and running, you would think that they would have everything though through and organized. However, most new business owners seem to miss a crucial aspect and that is an employee policy handbook. This is something that cannot be looked past and needs to be addressed. The best option for southern California business owners is to have an employment law attorney in Los Angeles draft an employee policy handbook for them that is sure to cover all of the needed points to abide by the California Labor Codes.

It is important to have a custom drafted employee handbook for many reasons. The point of this handbook is to outline in detail the policies and procedures for employees working in the business. Having a handbook that has been pulled from online can be detrimental to a company if it is not California specific, is out dated or possible does not cover policies that you would like to have for your employees. Another method to avoid when acquiring an employee handbook is using one from another business owner. This again puts you at risk for not having all of your necessary policies accurately covered.

The best way for businesses to acquire a sufficient employee policy handbook is to have it written by a business attorney in Los Angeles that understands the needs your business holds. With any employee handbook there will be some sections that remain standard, but for the other sections the attorney will administer a questionnaire to fully understand the procedures and practices that are involved in the business. Drafting an employment policy handbook right the first time can help you in avoiding Doing it right the first time can help you avoid falling victim to bad employee practices such as violating labor laws as set out by the state of California.

An expert small business lawyer will be able to provide an employee handbook that is sure to keep you from falling into bad practices. You should be able to make modifications and provisions to make sure that the employee handbook is completely correct. To learn more about attorney drafted employee policy handbooks visit http://www.smallbusinesslaw.org and set up a consultation to discuss your businesses individual situation.

employee handbook drug testing policy