Harmful Effects Of Drugs During Pregnancy

Pregnant women are usually prescribed with Zoloft to overcome the nervousness and depressions during their pregnancy time. When these women take it for a longer time they have a lot of chances to face many birth defects. Many researchers have also proved that when they are exposed to Zoloft for a longer time they become week and face many problems during their pregnancy time and the fetus also suffers with many birth defects.

The Zoloft antidepressant that has been marketed by almost all the pharmaceutical has proven to cause many birth defects to the fetus. The effect of the Zoloft is not the same in all the cases. They vary from seizure, cardiovascular problems, spasms, psychological defects or even a stroke. If you have been under the medication of the Zoloft and if your child is suffering from the Zoloft birth defects then you can go for a Zoloft lawyer who can help you to come out all those issues for free.

The Zoloft antidepressant has been banned in many nations like UK because there are many side effects faced due to the intake of the Zoloft. This also results in many other problems like the ASD (atrial septal defect) or VSD (ventricular septal defect). In these cases the baby is said to suffer many deadly problems like even developing a hole in the heart. If the same Zoloft has been taken from the first trimester then there may be double the risk in these problems. There are also chances to develop pulmonary hypertension when a person is been under Zoloft medication for a longer time. This problem is also then passed on the infants from the mothers.

When the babies are affected with ASD or VSD then are have a lot of chances to suffer from increased breathing rate, swollen legs or abdomen, tiredness, decreased appetite, infections in the lungs, murmur in the heart and many other problems. At times people also fail to notice these problems in the children and finally they may also result in sudden deaths. Persistent pulmonary hypertension is another Zoloft birth defect where they suffer constriction of the arteries, at times also with irregular blood flow that may also result in bluish skin or lips, tiredness, fatigue, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, breathing difficulty and so on. At times women are also made to suffer from hormone related issues where they will also need a hormone replacement therapy.

There are also many cases where women feel mentally better after taking the anti depressants like Zoloft but still we cannot deny saying that Zoloft are harmful and show many negative effects both on the mother and the baby.

harmful effects of drugs during pregnancy