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The manufacturing of precision copper strips has seen a tremendous rise recently due to its wide application in various industries. In addition to this, with the state of the art technologies, the production of precision copper strips has become much more efficient compared to olden times. Today, the manufacturers can produce copper strips in any specifications and grades.

Precision copper strips play a pivotal role for many industrial applications as they are good with dimension control, have superior durability and have very high electrical and thermal conductivity. Furthermore, they have excellent mechanical properties, flexibility and elasticity that make them the perfect component for any industrial as well as household application.

Some of the applications and industries in which these precision copper stripes are used include water heaters, power generators, power transformers, electrical motors, electroplating industries, electrical industries, manufacturing industries, automobiles, as well as some of the household applications such as cooking vessels, air conditioners, ceiling fans and many more.

Precision copper strips also has the capability to function with higher accuracy while welding, soldering and fabricating, which makes them cost efficient substance for various industries. Apart from this, copper is such metal that is corrosion resistant, which allows various applications to work even in bad weather conditions.

Manufacturers of precision copper strips generally supplies covered or bare copper strips. Covered copper strips are usually wrapped up with fiber glass, paper or enameled enclosing. These strips are commonly found in oil filled transformers and switch gears where there is some liquid surrounding. They are also found in instrument transformers and induction coils where high electricity conduction is required. These covered copper strips can be available in different specifications from the manufacturer as per the requirement for the application.

Bare copper strips on the other hand can be commonly found in various automatic machines. It helps them to increase the output by decreasing the total overall wastage. As these precision copper strips have better corrosion resistance, they can also be used in those places where there is excessive salt content in the soil. Furthermore, these bare copper strips are also used by various industries as a raw material to make various copper alloy products. Again like covered copper strips, these bare copper strips can be produced in different specifications.

With exceptional features and other advantages, precision copper strips have become the most preferred choice among various industries all across the world. Not only it will deliver industries with cost effectiveness but also help them achieve optimal productivity.

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