Class A Drugs Gcse

This allows areas of concern to be investigated and explained until the subject of understanding is clear and the chance of exam success can increase.

We run a number of gcse revision courses covering a variety of subjects, such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and many more. Each gcse revision course lasts one to two days and include seven hours per session day. Students spend one to two days focusing on the gcse revision course of their choice. Prices are 400 per course or 775 for two courses.

Exam Confidence is a high quality provider of gcse revision courses based in Central London. We use excellent teachers with outstanding academic qualifications obtained from the country's leading universities and institutions. Even more, we ensure our teachers to be retrained under our selected examiners for each examination board.

For GCSE students, we can assist them with exam preparation; coursework guidance; study skills and exam technique. We also offer coursework appraisals. This service is normally via our online learning portal - my StudySpace. However, GCSE students can still arrange it before submitting their coursework onto my StudySpace.

So why choose Exam Confidence? Well, each student who booked onto a gcse revision course with us has improved their exam grade by a mile. Our goal is to give you the most comprehensive and thorough training available today to maximise your educational success. During the workshops at Exam Confidence, you will work on key areas proven to improve your exam results: syllabus review, exam technique and exam practice. Visit our website to see how our unique model bring success to our students.

During the gcse maths revision , we pride ourselves on delivering a unique and tailored experience to every GCSE Maths student, by requesting that they each complete a detailed pre-course questionnaire; this information is used to help our examiners prepare an appropriate and personalised gcse maths revision course. During your gcse maths revision, you will work alongside our examiner trained teacher who will help you fully understand the pitfalls and techniques required to achieve maximum marks. You will have the chance to ask questions in a supportive and encouraging environment.

You will also cover a syllabus review in your gcse maths revision with specific reference to previous exam questions, to ensure familiarity with their style and format.You will be given clear advice and guidance as to how to organise and prioritise your own Maths revision over the crucial final weeks leading up to the exams.

class a drugs gcse